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Thread: Lumenier CM-650 mini image center problem

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    Lumenier CM-650 mini image center problem

    Last October, I purchased 2 Lumenier CM-650 mini FPV cameras, and have been extremely happy with their performance. I recently purchased another CM-650 mini for a new build and noticed the center point of the image was below center on the new camera compared to my older 2 cameras. The result is more area below center requiring a massive amount of camera tilt to achieve the same image as the older CM-650s. Unfortunately, this does not work for FPV racing as I need as much positive angle as possible.

    Test case:
    Camera mounted on same Charpu 210 for consistency.
    Same 2.5mm lens was used on both cameras.
    Max angle was achieved by angling camera until it touched the upper plate

    Has anyone else experienced this problem with newer CM-650 mini cameras?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old cm-650 straight on view.JPG 
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ID:	71874Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old cm-650 max angle view.JPG 
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ID:	71875Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new cm-650 straight on view.JPG 
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ID:	71876Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new cm-650 max angle view.JPG 
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Size:	138.9 KB 
ID:	71877

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    Don't know if it applies here because I don't have a cm-650 cam in hand but I have posted before on other board cams about the alignment of the lens holder to the sensor... many of the cams can be shifted a bit which moves the image considerably either just by loosening and moving the mount or elongating the holes and moving it.

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    Interesting thought. Unfortunately, the board fits perfectly in the case with no room to spare, so moving the board to get better alignment isn't possible. I did try flipping the case 180 degrees thinking I would get the reverse affect with more image at the top rather than the bottom, but no luck. Image might be a more centered, but not enough to make a difference. This leads me to believe the lens is centered and should be focusing at the center of the case.

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    Did you fiddle with the lens? Can it be changed in the OSD of the camera?

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    I changed lenses with one of the other working cameras. I see a mirror function in the OSD that flips the image on the horizontal axis, but no way to flip the image on the vertical axis.

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