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Thread: quanum q 2d gimbal help please

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    quanum q 2d gimbal help please

    hi everyone i am using the quaum q2d gimbal, i have followed the crapy instuctions on how to set it up but for some reason it still doesnt work properly.
    the dial i use to turn the gimbal i cant get it to be in the middle set at zero so the camera is looking forward. also when i turn the camera to face down at the ground i only have to turn it a tiny bit but it will go way past 90 deg down and face almost behind itself how do i set the parameters of how far?
    also if i attach the fpv lead out of the turnigy hd camera (like a gopro) it twitches alot, i had to cut the black cover of the lead and just have the exposed thin leads for it to work what am i doing wrong?
    i would like to have it so the dial at zero is centre (so the camera if facing forward) and when i turn anti clock fully the camera only goes to straight down is this possible

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    Hi did you resolve this problem as i have purchased quanum 3d gimble and have similar problem can you help

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