Is there a way to set a height limiton , like put a limit height on the altemeter on a vortex, like my first quad a blade 350qx. (My learner). Reason why I ask. Is would like to set a height limit, on full throttle, sinice these vortex's are twitchy with taranis x9d txs. I want this because I fly in areas that are not wide open. And been nervous to loose it it forested area around my soccer field. I fly at.
Can that be done in clean flight. Or can that be done on the tx. I'd like to keep it under 20-50 feet on full throttle.
Oh forgot. I crashed it and the micro usb broke off so waiting for a new board
Or can some one give me some good pid numbers. As to be able to make this vortex react a lil slower, so can set dual rate.
Please be precise with pid as I'm a new with pid and fin these a lil confusing.