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Thread: RMRC2204 2300kV Dyno Data

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    RMRC2204 2300kV Dyno Data

    Here's some plots with the RMRC2204 2300kV motor with a few different props.
    Unfortunately it burned while testing a 5x45 Bullnose at 4S, so I don't have data for the 5x45 Bullnose at 3S or my 6x40 at 3S.
    Maybe RMRC will send me another to finish up that testing/characterization??? 8-)
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    Here's a sample of what the data looks like in the PDFs.
    This is grams of thrust with the RMRC2204 with a 5x45 propeller running at 4S and 3S voltages.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    RMRC shipped me a replacement Blue Series 2204, 2300KV motor.
    Data to follow in a few days.
    I'll make sure to video the test this time and get it posted as well.

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    I've got some more data with the RMRC Blue Series 2204, 2300KV motor and a 5x45 Bullnose.
    I ran a full set of voltages at 3S (12.6V, 11.1V, 9.6V).
    However, I did not run the 5x45 Bullnose at 4S 16.8V. I wanted to get some date from the setup with 14.8V and 12.8V before attempting a 4S, 16.8V, which is basically a battery run at full charge.
    I'm glad I didn't run at full 16.8V - probably. Based on these curves, at 100% throttle, 4S 14.8V, the motor is at 340W.
    If I extrapolate and handwave a tad, that looks like I might expect 430W at 100% throttle if run at 16.8V.
    I'm not sure if the motor can handle that. I'm going to send off an email to RMRC - unless anyone from RMRC can comment here before I go ahead and see if I melt down another 2204.
    I'll hold off a bit and probably get some 3S data with my 6x40 propeller first.

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    Here's the data for the RMRC2204 2300kv with a 6x40 PC+Glass prop at 3S (12.6V, 11.1V, 9.6V)
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    Thanks for doing this. I was looking all over for this information.

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