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Thread: Winter Break Beast: Getting back into FPV

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    Winter Break Beast: Getting back into FPV

    College is rough. It eats up all your time. I miss FPV. So winter break project: get back into FPV!!!!!!!

    This beast has a wingspan of 1360mm. Wings are built of laser cut ply for the ribs and 10mm carbon fiber tubes. Tail is dollar tree foam on a 16mm carbon fiber tube. Cad time: approx 5 hours haha.

    Its basically this design just nicer This plane worked out great before I trashed it up. It flew pretty heavy, needed a hard throw to launch, it cooked along pretty good. With this new one I'm hoping to fly a bit lighter, or load up and fly longer.

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    Looks interesting. Very light. Also seems very fragile though
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