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Thread: Mixing newer and older 12a Simonk ESCs

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    Mixing newer and older 12a Simonk ESCs


    I've got a mini quad with the discontinued 12a simonk ESCs (non N-FET) and I have barbecued one of them. Can I run one of the four ESCs as a new 12a N-FET without the new features enabled and still expect consistency across all of my Lumenier FC2206 motors or do I have to replace all four to match?

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    Hello Dave,

    Unfortunately all 4 ESC's on any build have to match or you'll run into sync issues. I did just find a solution for this though - send us an email at and we'll get you hooked up.

    This is a hobby - until you're willing to take the time to read and learn, no amount of money you throw at it will lead to success.

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