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Thread: Would you like to review for Banggood?

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    Are you out there? I sent you a couple emails a week or two back. Hoping to hear back from you, thanks.

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    Hey man, just sent you an e-mail.
    Best Bang for Your Buck. Shopping with fun, we offer free sample for reviewers.
    Banggood APP Download:
    Business inquiry --EMAIL:

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    I wonder how many folk are still doing reviews for Banggood?

    I did several for Banggood but the items they sent (EPP Wings) were pretty valueless for the amount of time and effort that went into the reviews. It was a matter of spending many hours building, flying, videoing and editing for a $20 value wing. i have done several reviews for Banggood and for some others who supplied a decent product. (Balsa ARF airplanes) I felt my efforts were justified in those other cases.
    I always delivered quickly and plenty of photos and end result video. I got to the point where it just wasn't worth doing it for peanuts and finishing up with a hobby shack full of little wings that I will never fly again. Not only that but they didn't supply motors, ESCs or servos etc. So in effect it cost ME to do the reviews.
    So Banggood, If you are are offering reviews, how about some decent products. FPV equipment, aircraft, Quadcopters, (not little toys) You get the idea. Pay monkeys, get peanuts.
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