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Thread: Looking For First Fixed Wing FPV

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    Looking For First Fixed Wing FPV

    I have been flying a TBS Discovery FPV for a while now but I would really like to get a plane for FPV now. I am looking for a plane that is relaxing to fly and will get decent flight times.

    I've been looking at the Mini Sky Hunter and the Penguin. I want something that I can use the large collection of 3s batteries that I already have. Most of the batteries are 4000mah or 5000mah and a few 6400 and 8400mah.

    Whatever plane I end up with will also need to be capable of handling some wind as we seem to get very few really calm days around here.

    I am also open to other suggestions as to what to look at but I am not really interested in a wing right now.

    Thanks for helping.

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    +1 with those choices I have used and Easystar II and I was very happy with it.

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    I am looking at the 1500 Skysurfer that RMRC has and the question that I have is will a 4000mah 3s fit if I get the equipment shelf? I have about 8 of these laying around so if they will work in this plane that maybe a good way to go.

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    I don't have any of the other planes but I do have a mini skyhunter. This was my first FPV plane besides some little UMX ones. I fly planes all the time and FPV quads with no problem, the mini skyhunter on the other hand, is a handful!! I would definitely suggest something else for your first FPV plane. I am looking into a mini talon as good small FPV plane, but maybe not a good first one.

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    Thanks for the input on the mini sky hunter. I have been flying planes for years now but thus will be the first one set up for FPV. I really want something that is going to be easy flying so that I can relax and enjoy the views.

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    Good & cheap for beginning is a Bixler 3 also - can carry all FPV-Stuff and flys nearly by ityself ...

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