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Thread: Dominator V3 Now Shipping

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlav8r View Post
    We have received a pretty decent supply of the new Dominator V3 Goggles which just came in. I am impressed with the packaging and we have been flying them on our DJI Inspire as well as the Phantom 3 Pro with the HDMI module.

    Impressed with the "packaging"? The Dom v3s are almost $600 when you include a receiver and tracker. No thanks! Doesn't seem to be much different from the v2. I upgraded from Attitudes to Dom v2 and I can hardly tell a difference if any between the two besides DVR and HDMI and the Attitudes come with tracker and receiver included.
    Thanks for the input, yes that packaging is nice and given the fact that most are damaged by hanger rash (mis handling) this is an important fact to consider. We are seeing that most folks are using these without the receiver or other accessories. The reason is that you can HDMI in directly out of the Phantom or Inspire. The new lenses are really nice the brightness is fantastic. If you are just going to use them with a 5.8 system you will still see a big improvement but with the direct HDMI input from the inspire (what I ave been flying them with) they really stand out and look much better (IMO) than looking closely at a monitor which is what some of the big goggles are really doing.
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    What is the difference between the Fat Shark Dominator HD V2 FPV Goggles and the Fat Shark Dominator V3 720P?
    Both are being marketed as the best thins since sliced bread. Both have ad waiting lists for consumers to buy.
    So which is which? Are they the same?

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    (Available in the future $550)
    Dominator HD2 (SVGA 800X600), with the largest field of view (50 degrees diagonal)

    (Available now $349)
    Dominator V3 WVGA 800*600 with a large field of view (30 degrees diagonal)

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