Hi, I believe this has been mentioned under one of the posts about this before, but I would like to make it easier to find for people looking for a fix. The problem is that the RSSI line on the EzOSD screen will sometimes or never show up when using the i2c cable from my 8ch Lite Receiver. After checking continuity, firmware reflashing, making sure I had a common ground (I run single battery), and none of it fixed it.

What some people should be aware of with the EzOSD, as soon as it turns on it will check for a rssi signal. I found out that it is a very brief amount of time. So brief that when your receiver is powered through an autopilot or anything similar and not direct from a 5v Source, it will take only milliseconds longer to power up. BUT this extra few milliseconds it takes to power up, its too late for the EzOSD as it has already checked for a signal. This could be fixed in firmware to allow for a longer time to check for a signal.

For people who need a fix now you can either have a switch on the power supply for your EZOSD from the current sensor or simply unplug power from the ezosd unit, power up your receiver (and other things) then plug the ezosd back in.

I hope this hopes for people that are having trouble connecting these two awesome components! Enjoy!