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Thread: 2204 2300kv Motor stutter

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    2204 2300kv Motor stutter

    Hey guys, hope it's OK to post this here. I'm very new to multirotors and I'm struggling to work this out. I just switched from 1806 2300kv lumenier motors to 2204 2300kv xhover motors and from 3s to 4s.I'm using 12amp lumenier esc's with simonK (I have 20amp lumenier esc's on order). I'm getting very bad stutter in motor/motors when making fast movments and seems worse on fully charged batteries, any ideas whats causing this (esc's/fc/motors/? Thanks!

    QAV250Rate Mode
    Lumenier 12 amp ESC w/ SimonK AutoShot (2-4s N-FET)
    XHover 2204 2300kv
    gemfan 5x3
    Lumenier 1300mAh 4 cell (60c/120c burst)

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    Looks almost like yaw needs some D.

    Have you gone through and PID tuned the quad?

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    look into motor timing im not sure what firmware you are using but i had a similar issue with my cobra 1960kv on 4s
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    Def a motor timing issue.
    With BLHeli esc you can set the timing. SK i'm not sure if thats available or not?

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