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If you haven't heard about FlyingRobotics.com, below are some brief information about us.

"With a deep background in the RC industry via our sister store, HeliDirect, FlyingRobotics was formed to cater direct to the exponential growth within the multirotor world - providing a level of service, support and knowledge that is very difficult to find these days when it comes to online sales.
With this massive growth of multirotor aircraft, it has been our ambition to establish a dedicated site that tailors the entire experience specifically around the multirotor world, allowing customers like you to find everything you would ever need or want in a quick and effortless fashion.
Simply put, our goal is to make every interaction a positive one, and when it comes to business with FlyingRobotics, we do everything within our power to walk the extra mile when it comes to the service we provide."