So I crashed my quad a few weeks ago. As I was putting it back together with new arms, I was testing a motor/esc for direction and the motor was cogging. Soon after, smoke starting rolling out of it. So I tried another motor and poof. Wasn't sure if it was my esc's or motors so I ordered new of both. Then my naze board starting acting up and wouldn't power up without the usb cable attached. So I replaced that. THEN my video TX wouldn't send out a signal so I replaced THAT TOO. I feel like something must have happened in that crash to cause a big short or something.

After pretty much ordering all new parts other than the camera, I finally had a great working quad, getting it dialed in having fun. Then while trying to do a roll, I crash it, broke two arms and I was out again. I just replaced it with a carbon fiber nighthawk frame (previous was just g10). I get it all wired up being careful about exposed circuitry touching the carbon fiber, hooked up one motor at a time to test the direction. When I get to the last one, it starts cogging. I immediately stop before I see smoke.

I know that on my other RC's when I hook up a brushless motor to any ESC (Castle) and it does this, its just a configuration issue in the ESC firmware, it was set to brushed vs brushless. These ESC's were working fine though so it leads me to believe that somehow the ESC's are damaged? How can I tell if its the esc or the motors without frying more equipment.