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Thread: Head Tracking Help Please?

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    Head Tracking Help Please?

    I'm using a DX8 Tx with EzUHF Tx and Dominator HT Module. All other flight controls work great, However I'm having no luck with the HT. On the ImmersonRC Tool program I have updated the firmware and on the configuration tab I have Enable Using [None, Use UHF Tx Pushbutton] selected
    Pan Source ans Destination [CH7]
    Tilt source and Destination [CH8]
    which the pan/tilt servos are connected to CH 7 & 8.
    Remote Power Switch [Use only the EzUHF toggle switch]

    This is the configuration that I used to make the EzUHF to Head Tracker cable.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name: manuals EzUHFManual.pdf.jpg 
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    When I push the UHF Tx Pushbutton it allows me to control the pan/tilt with the DX8 know and Aux2 switch. When I push it again the pant/tilt re-centers. Another words the HT on the goggles does nothing.

    Once again any and all help is greatly appreciated and I thank all of you greatly.

    Thanks Again,

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    I don't know if it has any relevance but I am using the eagletree osd pro and elogger v4 along with the EzUhf 8CH Rx

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