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Thread: Free Music Resource for Your Videos

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    Happy Wednesday Everyone,

    I've added a couple of new pages to my site to (hopefully) make some of my tracks a bit easier to find. They are:

    AERIAL / DRONE (1 & 2)


    That said, here are this week's new free tracks:

    "Techno Caper" (looping version)
    on my Action page:

    "Technoscape_v001" (standard and looping)
    on my Corporate page:

    "The Secret Lab"
    on my Dark/Ominous 2 page:

    "Palin' Around Paris"
    on my Positive/Upbeat page:

    "Future Noir"
    on my Sci-Fi 7 page:

    Don't forget, if anyone needs some custom tracks created, I'm doing those at very low cost as well. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Just let me know! :-)

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    Hi Everyone,

    Here are this week's new free tracks:

    "The Monster Factory"
    "The Monster Factory" (Looping)
    on my Funny 5 page:

    "Rivers of Jewels" (Looping)
    "Puzzle Caves" (Looping)
    on my Puzzle Music 3 page:

    "Peaceful Mind" (Looping)
    on my Quiet 2 page:

    "The Lab at the Bottom of the Sea" (Looping)
    "It Walks the Ocean Floor" (Looping)
    "Endless Cyber Runner" (Looping)
    on my Sci-Fi 7 page:

    If anyone is interested in checking out some of the projects I've custom scored, here's a link to that page:

    Keep on flying...and have a great week!

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    Hi Everyone,

    This week's new free tracks are a lot of fun. We have:

    "THE ARCADE SPACEMAN" – (Looping) – In the year 20 billion! …Okay, maybe 1982. …Anyhow, this might be fun in a space game or app.
    It lives on my Chiptunes 2 page:

    "OVER THE POLAR MOUNTAIN" – (Looping) – The child dreams of the tiny train, under icy moonlight, making its way across the great polar North. It struggles up the enormous mountain, finally reaches the top and then chugs down the other side.

    "OF DREAMS AND GAMES" – (Looping) – Might sound nice under the intro screens for a mystical RPG or fantasy-based game.
    Both are on my Fantasy 8 page:

    "THE PLASTERED PELICAN BAR AND GRILLE" – Filled with an assortment of rowdy birds, this dockside bar is quite a spectacle on Friday nights. Come to think of it, it’s a spectacle on any night.
    The wild festivities are on my Funny 5 page:

    "BOT BUILDERS" – (Looping) – Creating cities of tomorrow?
    on my Technology 2 page:

    As always, if anyone is interested in checking out some of the projects I've custom scored, you can find a brief list here with links:


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    Kicking off September, more new free tracks are ready for your projects, including several new looping versions that will hopefully be helpful:

    On my Action 3 page, we have:

    WILD WEST COAST RACING 7 – (Looping) – For a nighttime stretch under the Pacific moonlight.

    CHASING VILLAINS – (New Looping Version) - The Inspector is at it again!

    On my Fantasy page:

    CITY BENEATH THE WAVES – (New Looping Version) - Out of the murky blue, it emerges…unlike anything ever seen before. Might work in a fantasy piece, a game, or even a nature doc.

    MAGIC OCEAN_v001 – (Standard and Looping) - Added ocean ambience. Could work nicely in a fantasy game, nature doc, etc.

    On my Sci-Fi 7 page:

    LOST AND FALTERING – (New Looping Version) - In the dead of night, the machine-being wanders the rain-soaked streets, trying to find its way back home.

    And on my World page:

    PALIN’ AROUND PARIS – (New Looping Version) - Two best friends…and one beautiful city…on a perfect afternoon.

    Enjoy...and let me know if you need some custom tracks created! :-)

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    Greetings Everyone,

    Here are this week's new free tracks:

    On my Aerial/Drone page, we have:

    "STRATOSPHERE" – (Looping)

    Here are two new tracks on my Drama 2 page that might be helpful in films and interactive fiction:


    On my Funny 5 page:

    "THE PLASTERED PELICAN BAR AND GRILLE (Looping) - I'd love to hear this one in a game...or better yet, play a game about this

    And on my Nature/Science 3 page:

    "RENDEZVOUS WITH ICE CRYSTALS" (Looping) - This one might sound nice in aerial videos as well.

    Feel free to check out my custom music page if you get a chance. Thanks! :-)

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    Continuing my quest to provide looping versions of every track on my site,

    On my Aerial/Drone page, we have:

    "OVER HAUNTED LANDS" – (Looping) and

    On my Fantasy 6 page:

    "THEIR SECRET WORLD" (Looping)

    And on my Fantasy 7 page:

    "FOREST DRAMA" (Looping)
    "SAD LANDS" (Looping)
    "FAR AWAY PLACES CALL" (Looping)

    If anyone needs some custom music created special, I'm doing that as well at very low cost. You can find info about it here:

    Have a good rest of your week!

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    I haven't said this in a while, so I'd like to send out a heartfelt thank you to the kind folks who have shown support and donated to my efforts. Not only are your donations helping to pay for the site, but they are also helping to pay for a new synthesizer that will enable me to explore and create music for you in lots of new styles...(at least for me)

    Pop / Retro Pop
    and lots more.

    One of the most gratifying things for me is when people write and tell me that one of my tracks inspired them to create a new game, film or other work of their own. I hope that some of these new musical styles will help you to expand the boundaries of your creativity!

    As I explore and familiarize myself with this new synth, I'm also continuing my project to create looping versions of my existing tracks...I hope they are helpful, especially for my game / VN developer friends as well as my drone pilot friends.

    That said, here are this week's new free tracks:

    On my Action page:


    Two new tracks on my Aerial/Drone page:

    "CARIBBEAN SKIES" – (Looping) and

    On my City/Urban page we have:

    "WINTER ALLEYS" (Looping) and

    And on my Techno page:

    "MAYHEM" (Looping)

    Keep being creative!

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    Happy October!

    Continuing my mission to provide looping versions of every track on my site, here are this week's new free tracks:

    On my Drama page:

    "PULLING AWAY" (Looping) - Perhaps from a small-town bus station on a dreary day, leaving someone behind.

    On my Fantasy page:

    "GENTLE CLOSURE" – (Looping) - Little ending piece. Might work in a game or animation.

    On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

    "SNEAKY CAT" (Looping) - A single bassoon conveys a quiet humor.

    On my History page:

    "THE GIANT GATES OPEN" (Looping) - Would you go in? I’m not sure that I would. Anyhow, this might be a nice intro piece for an ancient city in a documentary or a game.

    And on my Horror/Surreal page:

    "AFTER THE INVASION" (Looping) - An intense “aftermath” kind of track. Kind of disturbing, actually…well, at least to me.

    I hope some of them are helpful!

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    Hi all,

    Is anyone interested in super high quality WAV versions of my tracks? I've been considering making them available for a small donation. Any feedback is welcome.

    In the meantime, here are this week's new free tracks:

    On my Nature/Science page:
    "Sunrise" (Looping)

    On my Positive/Upbeat page:

    "Happy Endings" (Looping)

    On my Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow page:

    "Ice Road Sunrise" (Looping)

    Two tracks on my Sci-Fi/Space page:

    "Cold Moon" (Looping)
    "Steamtech Mayhem" (Looping_v001)

    And one on my Sports page:

    "The Games" (Looping)

    Btw I've also been expanding my texture images library to include cartoony 2D-style seamless images in addition to my realistic ones. They are on my TXR pages. Free to use (as always) with attribution.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    Hi everyone,

    We're half way through October...and half way to we have:

    On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

    "Ghoulish Fun" (Looping) - Good for Halloween or a Halloween themed piece.

    Here's a piece in the spirit of a bad '70s cop show. It makes me itchy for some reason:

    "Side Burn Squad" (Looping)

    Two new tracks are ready on my Fantasy page:

    "Our Mountain v003" (Looping) - An expanded version of the original that might work in an RPG under opening titles or perhaps somewhere else.

    "Winding Down" (Looping) - Another ending piece, perhaps for a game or animation.

    And two tracks on my Aerial/Drone page:

    "Over a Mysterious Island" (Looping) - What waits for you below? Another track that might sound nice in a drone video…or perhaps a video about an exotic travel destination.

    "Reaching Altitude" (Looping) - I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan of those.) But might work in a travel video as well.

    Have a good week!

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