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Thread: Project Home Ground Station

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    Project Home Ground Station

    My house is located at the edge of a settlement, next to a field.
    It is getting cold and I don't always want to go outside for flying.
    Therefore I'm about to build a home FPV groundstation.

    First thing I bought was a 8 meter retractable pole which I mounted on my balcony. At full length, the pole is higher than the rooftop of the house.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Afterwards I started creating a control&converter box which is the brain of my groundstation. It contains an EagleTree EagleEyes Ground Station which I use for collecting telemetry data, together with a ET Display which shows me the GPS position.
    Further it contains a Hobbyking Windbox GCS which acts as a Joystick->PPM converter, a video switch, a FrSky receiver (still an Orange receiver on the pictures, swapped that out) and all necessary cables and connectors.
    I will fly with joystick, but the FrSky receiver serves as backup if something goes wrong and I need to engage RTH and land using LOS.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then I built boxes I can put on my pole which hold an antenna tracker which two 2.4Ghz Receivers as well as my EzUHF JR Module (I put that just out of my Taranis into my printed bay so I don't need to re-bind when I fly at home).
    The antenna tracker also has a camera attached; this serves for observing the tracker's operation from inside, and it's also possible to control the tracker manually by using the two servo testers I put into my groundstation's "brain" box

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'll be flying with a large LCD TV and with a Saitec X-52 joystick controller inside the room next to the balcony. I have also already done all the cabling and connectors, and everything seems to be working right.
    As my home-flying plane I have build a MyTwinDream because it's a silent plane (I don't want my neighbours to know ) and it is capable of quite a lot of range and flight time.

    I'm already almost ready for maiden.

    EDIT: @mod, you might move that to the Groundstation forum if you find it's a more suitable place for that thread?
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    You're in the land of no mods. Maybe you're coming from the heavily modded rcgroups?

    That is a sick setup. I'm contemplating setting up some kind of joystick control - like you'd use with a PC based flight sim. Is that what you're talking about? If so, how'd you go about configuring / setting that up?

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    I love anarchy. I haven't registered at RCG, too legal.

    The Windbox GCS I bought from Hobbyking does the whole configuration of my joystick control. You can do channel mapping, button mapping, mixers, dual rate and expo. It's really sophisticated.

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    Holy crap this is amazing! I want to do this as I have farm fields at the end of my neighborhood and it would be nice to just go grab a flight or two quickly!

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    I had no idea the Windbox GCS existed, pretty cool, thx for sharing!

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