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Thread: Anyone use an EasyCap with an Android for DVR?

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    Question Anyone use an EasyCap with an Android for DVR?

    I had an EasyCap for recording (not flying FPV) with a laptop. But didn't like dragging my laptop to the field so I just tossed it in a drawer somewhere in my shop.

    Recently I was browsing stuff on DVRs and noticed there are now EasyCap programs for Android (and IOS). I thought I might try my EasyCap with my phone. Unforunately my phone is a couple Android releases to old to run the client program. But I'm probably going to upgrade in a couple months.

    I'm curious if anyone has been able to successfully record with EasyCap and Android and if so, how the result were.

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    It won't work with every version of the hardware for sure. And as you found only the latest versions of the OS. But I did see one person on the forum the did get it working. They were able to use screen recording software as a DVR which seemed nice.

    In addition they describe the latency is excellent.

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    I use it with easycap viewer and AZ screen capture,works great.

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