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Thread: EZOSD RSSI usind FrSky receiver

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    EZOSD RSSI usind FrSky receiver

    I recently purchased an EZOSD system which has been working great. I have been flying further out now that I have an OSD system and my flight needs now necessitate knowing my RSSI. I cannot figure out based on the instructions on your webpage if viewing RSSI is a capability of my EZOSD. I have noted that on my EZOSD screen I can set min and max RSSI so I'm assumuing that there is a way for me to input that info.
    I am flying a FrSky taranis transmitter with a FrSky X8R on my plane.

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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    Frsky uses an analog RSSI and you can look in the Ezosd advanced manual to find where you need to solder the RRSI to on the current sensor.
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    When I go to http://www.immersionrc.com/fpv-products/ezosd/ The only english manual is dated April 2009. That manual
    (attached) makes no mention of RSSI. A google search was able to net me a "Preliminary. July 2009" EZOSDS manual however when it referenced RSSI it shows a PWM and ANA port of which my EZOSD does not have. Could you please advise me on where to find the "advanced manual" or assist me with tme mapping of my "A1, GD, P1, & GD" ports. My assumption is that I connect to A1 and the left GD port, but without documentation I cannot be sure.

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