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Thread: Vortex - Taranis Dx9 plus- EzUhf 8ch rd - Erratic channels in CF

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    Vortex - Taranis Dx9 plus- EzUhf 8ch rd - Erratic channels in CF

    Dear all,

    With the above mentioned so I have problems getting a solid setup in Cleanflight.

    When I look at my channels, some keep moving erratically from 999 to 2000.

    I have tried to recreate a profile in the radio, but it didn't fix it.

    Also when I arm the quad, the motors rpm isn't stable. It goes up and down rapidly, and after about 15 seconds the quad tries to take off.

    I'm on Cleanflight 1.9 and latest firmware on the vortex and ezuhf rx and tx.

    Anyone know what might cause this?


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    Do you have the RX set to channel Mux on ch 1? or AKA in multicopter mode?

    Did you go thru the TX wizard thru the goggles?
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    Thanks! That was the solution.
    Highly appreciated

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