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Thread: Another QAV250 build by a stubborn guy..

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    Another QAV250 build by a stubborn guy..

    Hi guys,

    im a pilot out in PNG and have a fair amount of spare time inbetween flights in some very remote places.

    Ive spent the last three weeks researching and have finally been ordering parts for the build. Now the stubborn part comes from me wanting to stick a 2 axis gimbal on for a gopro 3. I don't need to control it, just want it to be stable. I'm expecting people to give me grief about this, so please if you can manage to only give productive responses I'd really appreciate it!


    FRAME: QAV250 (ordered)
    MOTOR: multistar Elite 2204 2300kv (to be ordered)
    ESC: DYS BL20A (ordered)
    FC: FULL Naze32 (ordered)
    TX/RX: taranis x9d plus / FrSky D4r-II (to be ordered/ ordered)
    BATTERY: NANO-TECH 1300 mah 3s 45-130c / 1800/2200 4s 45s+ (To be ordered)
    FPV: various fatshark gear and immersion 600mw 5.8ghz
    PROPS: gemfan 5030/5040 and a couple 5x3x3 (ordered)

    Originally I was pretty happy with a 3s set up, but since adding on a potential 220g extra for gopro + gimbal ( I won't always be using it, just from time to time when I'm capitalising on some remote villages), I've been looking at the 4s option.

    for the time being ill stick with 5" props.

    im already over budget, but I'll live. Living out here you need some hobbies, I've already convinced a few colleagues to get in on the band wagon and the frames already purchased so please no hate about the temporary instal of the gimbal.

    Any suggestions to maximise my quad for the extra weight would be super appreciated! I'll be ordering the remainder within the next few days.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Dominic

    I've had a custom 2D Gimbal on my QAV250 TBS Disco style. I have the stl files laying around somewhere if you're interested.

    My experience is, that with 3s 5" props it is struggling to keep airborne. Once I've added arm extensions and 6" props it was all fine and still had plenty of power. The only hard thing then is to get the CoG at least close to the middle... Curious about your experiences

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    Thank you, the kind of answer I was hoping for! I'll keep you posted as soon as it all comes around!

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