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Thread: HD3D lite 3D HD FPV camera.

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    HD3D lite 3D HD FPV camera.

    New Generation Hobbies is proud to bring you the worlds first 3D HD camera developed and manufactured in Canada by EMR Laboratories.

    The HD3D lite camera is the newest EMR Laboratories product for consumer applications. This camera produces stunning high definition stereo 3D in SBS format. Designed from the ground up to provide hobbyists with amazing – you are there! – 3D experience. This camera works with the Sony HMZ, Cinemizer, Dominator HD, Fatshark Dominator V3, Fatshark Dominator HD V2, 3D TVs and many more SBS capable displays.
    The camera outputs 720p60 3D SBS format over an HMDI micro connector. It is powered from a 5V source. It includes 3.6mm HD lenses and is capable of capturing high dynamic range – it images just as well looking into shadows as it does directly into the sun.
    The HD3D lite camera works best with the Connex (by Amimon) video transmitter for zero latency FPV or alternatively the light bridge also works to provide HD video (but suffers from ~150ms latency).
    Below: The new HD3D camera on NGHobbies 250 Diablo racing quad with the Amimon Connex HD video transmitter.
    Demo video here:

    You can find and pre-order the HD3D Lite camera from EMR labs directly of through NGHobbies, using the links below:

    You can connect your Fatshark Dominator HD to your computer with a micro HDMI cable and watch this video back in full screen. Once you set your goggles to HDMI-3D you should see the 3D effect.

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