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Thread: Throttle mod for Taranis Tx

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    Throttle mod for Taranis Tx

    Hi Guys,

    Here is a mod to create a half-throttle notch in the Taranis Tx throttle stick movement. This provides both a tactile feedback and a positive hold for the half-throttle position, even when moving the stick about its yaw axis which of course can be overcome with minimum effort when increasing or decreasing throttle from its mid-point position. The result feels much like the center notch on the potentiometers and sliders on the Taranis radio.

    The mod was inspired by Phantom transmitters that have the throttle spring-loaded to center which is a good idea for multicopters but impractical for fixed-wing flying. A half-throttle notch attempts to provide a solution for both multicopters and fixed-wing models, with no need for mechanical adjustments to the Tx when switching between those model types.

    Here is how to do it:

    - Remove the double metal strip that provides the throttle with both friction and ratchet movement. it is actually two springs in one, joined at the bottom end. Using a Dremel cutting wheel, separate them from each other. Take care not to cut through the holes - a thin cutting wheel such as Dremel #409 worked perfectly. Only the half-spring with the "V" bend will be used. The image below shows the springs already separated:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Separated Spring.jpg 
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    This is the tricky part:

    - Move the stick to EXACTLY half-throttle position and make sure it stays there during the next two steps.

    - Attach the "V"-bend spring to the position that used to belong to its straight counterpart (i.e, it's "V" bend tip will now ride on the smooth, non-ratcheted friction surface). Note where the "V" tip touches the smooth surface, mark it very precisely and then remove the spring.

    - With the spring out of the way: using an X-ACTO knife or similar tool, cut a single groove on the smooth (non-ratcheted) surface on the position found on the earlier step. It is critical that the throttle is exactly on its mid-way position and also that the groove is cut precisely under the point where the "V" bend touches the friction surface, as this will mechanically define the half-throttle detent position. For your reference, the groove should be as small and shallow as the neighboring ratchet grooves (in fact, I made it even smaller and shallower). The image below shows the groove cut into the smooth friction surface:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Half-Throttle Groove.jpg 
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    - Reattach the spring and adjust tension as desired. On the image below, note that the ratcheted surface has no longer a spring riding on it, and the "V" spring is riding on the smooth surface:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spring on Smooth Surface with One Groove.jpg 
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ID:	79094

    You will find that you now have a non-spring-loaded throttle with a single "clicked" detent at exactly half-throttle, perfect for flying multirotors and airplanes with no-fuss model changing.

    Hope this is useful for anyone.
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    Thank you, very interesting
    But the pictures are gone !!

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    Great idea!

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    I don't know what happened to the pictures, but anyway I re-uploaded them.
    Hope this makes the mode clearer.

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    Thank you, very nice

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