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Thread: Hi from Ireland

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    Hi from Ireland

    Hey all. I'm new here.
    I've been flying quadcopters fpv for the last 3 months or so with no prior RC knowledge. It's been a fantastic experience! I love flying/crashing and building/fixing quads.
    My first quad was a 4s Blackout MiniH, a little overpowered for a first build but it's been fun to jump in the deep end. I just finished my second build yesterday, which I'm super proud of, it's a 4s ThugFrames 180mm V4, details below.

    I've lurked in these forums in the past while building my both my quads so nice to make your acquaintance and all that stuff.

    My latest build:
    Frame: Thug 180 V4 Brannstormer
    Motors: Cobra 2204/1960
    FC: Naze32
    ESC: Rotorgeeks RG20
    Batt: RadioC DroneLab 4s 1500mAh 50-100c
    RX: ImmersionRC D4R-ii
    VTX: ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 600mw
    OSD / Power regulation: OSDoge
    Props: HQ 4x4.5 Bullnose
    Cam: RunCam 600TVL DC 5-17V (mini PZ0420)

    Maiden flight: https://youtu.be/BWGdcm1z9Bs

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    Welcome to the Labs Ronan! Plenty of mini quad action to dig into on this site.


    Airtruksrus Cockpit Ground Station Systems.
    Open for business
    Always under revision to make it better.

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    Hi there from Washington state , USA. I have been R/C modelling for 35 years mainly scale models but got into Multi rotors and FPV withing the last year. I really enjoy it and enjoy the learning curve for it. I have 2 a spider quad from flite test, and a ZMR250. I love them both I use a naze 32 and a flip 32 which is a clone of the naze 32. My zmr is so over powered I had to use a 2 cell just to manage learning how to fly it from the beginning. When I used a 3 cell I would take off the ground like a rocket on a third throttle. It was fun setting up the modes for it and my "Oh Crap" switch just in case I got into trouble. My latest achievement was how to use a Fr Sky X4r receiver with S-bus and making an inverter cable for it . It took awhile how to wire it up and then where to plug it in on the Naze 32 board. But it was satisfying when it finallyworked. Now I can use 16 channels from that small receiver . Well hope to hear from you and hope I can hear more about your expliots in FPV in Ireland.

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    Hey Joe.
    There's so much to learn flying these little RC vehicles, especially at the rate the hobby seems to be advancing at the moment. As soon as I finished my latest build I had my next build planned out already. It's incredibly addictive.
    Nice to meet you and happy flying!

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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
    I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!!

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