So yeah, I'm expanding my FPV to BVR.. I got "suckered" into a no-name OpenLRS system on ebay.

New OpenLRS 433Mhz 8CH Transmitter + Receiver

It was cheap and I'm a DIY electronics hacker and I like a challenge, why not, what could possibly go wrong?! But there's zero documentation other than the pictures in the auction. Fortunately there's probably enough for me to get a good idea where to go.

The JR module pin-out from bottom to top (Ant, Gnd, Bat+,+6V, PPM). I use a 3 Cell to power my transmitter, so that's a great power source for the LRS (Gnd, Bat+). I noticed in the picture there's a pin-set on the LRS-Tx module that's "PPM In"... so badda-bing!

- see if this works at all
- hope the receiver supports the pin 1/3 jumper to enable PPM on CH8
- hook it to my Flip32+ w/GPS, OSD - LRS Video
- test everything on a simple plane in short range (especially RTH)
- get some range numbers

Any pointers? I'd like to flash an update to the Tx/Rx, but I don't trust the ISD headers, especially on the Tx because they soldered the daughter board directly behind them.

That's my plan!