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Thread: DominatorV2 and noisy DVR, Warranty replacement?

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    I'm not sure.. all I know is it's under 400ft
    Fedor... no offence brother but your attitude and statement "by law" truly needs to be addressed since you brought it up. There is no "law" because people have allowed criminals to take over and run the country as people are too busy to do what must be done to allow the good times to continue allowing the situation to get worse and worse. What makes you think you will be allowed to fly FPV in a year or two? Right now I have an attorney busted for a Class B felony trying to steal over 30 thousand dollars from me by using a false affidavit with the evidence as simple and obvious as it gets and even though I sent the evidence to the US Attorney's Office and they said to report it to the White Salmon Police as it was their job confirming it was not a Civil matter, the White Salmon Police are refusing to respond and protect me because in bringing the case to Court it will expose through circumstantial evidence the fact that on June 9, 2009 the WA Klickitat Sheriffs broke a Superior Court Order and assisted in the theft of everything I own including all my RC aircraft and related patent papers to my work so a political lobbyist I met buying a house in White Salmon could steal the case evidence and legal papers needed in a 9 yr lawsuit in Hawaii, JFH vs. MCR HOA Et al., 21 days before winning it. The Sheriffs knew all about it from reporting the Civil case had become a criminal case with death threats in email from the HOA's President that addressed his letters as "Your President" to the HOA members who got together using a Court Reporter to vote him and his friends in control off the HOA Board and vote in a new Board as allowed by law. But you know what? They got sued in return with our own HOA funds paying the attorneys as the wealthy Board members with "connections" refused to step down. So the evidence in my lawsuit was a "little unusual" in it's ability to win the lawsuit and collect damages.

    As a matter of fact I had just faxed the Sheriffs I was finally winning the 9yr dispute and lawsuit that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and the best years of my life. Yet money paid mostly by an insurance company to the HOA members the Board harmed was all it took to get the Sheriffs over 2000 miles away to break the law out in the open and assist in the theft thinking I would react emotionally and I would become a "threat" rather than get out of there and go report the crime before they had time to think about what went wrong. It was so obvious what they expected me to do they might as well have put up a sign. I knew at that point I had won or we have lost the US legal system 100% and like dominos falling everyone is just waiting for their turn to fall down as history repeats itself. So don't ignore this if you want to fly FPV because in case you didn't notice "they" want FPV stopped.

    All throughout America we all see the law you just said exists being ripped away where now if you are pulled over going to buy something with the cash to do so civil forfeiture is allowing the police to say you look suspicious and therefore your money is drug money or related to some other crime even if you prove using your cell phone what you are legally doing with it and just take it from you without arresting you or charging you for a crime with no way to get it back because an attorney will cost more than they took saying you can find an honest one to represent you. I went through 5 attorneys and can tell you where money is involved many if not most of them are criminals working hand in hand with each other and often corrupt Judges just as bad with no fear of the law. All you have to do to see what is happening to me right now with your turn coming somewhere next in line is Google CERN's Sept 2011 mistaken superluminal neutrino equation that was announced worldwide in 2011 @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles claiming Einstein was wrong if the data was correct because I'm the guy that used SLAC's E158 data to show the speed of light gain the muon neutrino exposed was caused by what's called the asymmetry of the weak force which adds 2.48e-5 sec to the speed of light in 453.6 miles creating an asymmetry in time of .20e-5 sec. that you as a layman would call gravity. That's why this is so heavy, no pun intended LOL.

    Google CERN's famous neutrino equation and you will read about what I am talking about because I had been reporting the crime that occurred on June 9, 2009 online for over two years never expecting CERN to let me prove what I had been saying for years related to gravity and the ITS helicopter control system and my work in physics causing (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 to get it connected to the crime which to a large degree is why you never heard about the discovery of what causes the force of gravity (not expressed in the complex geometry of spacetime) followed by SLAC going back over what is called the BaBar experiment and using a third experiments data to confirm time has the asymmetry the CERN/SLAC E158 data match exposed showing numbers don't lie like some people do and gravity is caused by the subtrahend of the electromagnetic wave just like I'd been saying. It only took 20 minutes using CERN's data to show it matched SLAC's E158 ratio.

    So do me a favor the next time you think and speak so unrealistically in expecting some single person, not Sony or Panasonic with millions of dollars in R&D funds and teams of technicians that collectively have hundreds if not thousands of years in past experience designing and building video display equipment, who acted honestly and in good faith in context with reality to give us the best FPV Goggles available to be able to foresee every aspect that would come up... leave out quoting the law as if he did something wrong. You are referring to something that doesn't exist in both cases.

    Here... do some 5th grade math so you can see what gravity looks like before they take my computer away too.

    Related to the discussion of Time... in Sept 2011 CERN shocked the world when CERN's scientists announced that if their measurement following Fermilab's less accurate observations of muon neutrinos moving @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec. in 453.6 miles was correct then Einstein was wrong. The same guy who was "wrong" when he refused to accept the uncertainty principle and use dice to make measurements. And if you are paying attention to what's going on in astronomy then you know it is being said he was "wrong" again. Truth is he just wasn't finished with the equation E=mc2 and the E158 data he needed providing the ratio of weak force asymmetry to add was not available until 2004: E=m{a}c2

    Here's a copy of some simple calculations handed to the director of LIGO regarding CERN's “Superluminal” Neutrino Abnormality announced September 2011 @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles.

    They show using basic math that CERN's Muon phase neutrinos @ (v-c/c)=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles match SLAC's E158 asymmetry of the weak force ratio @ 2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles creating an asymmetry in time of 20e-5 sec. A year after this was shown on Nature's Forum next to CERN's scientists trying to figure out why their data was showing Einstein was wrong if it were correct SLAC went back over their BaBar experiment's data and confirmed "looking at it differently) time has asymmetry. Of course... gravity is real.

    Open up a calculator and it's easy to follow along. "{a}" is the algebraic symbol of the value in effect of WF Asy:

    Weak Force Asymmetry {a} adds 1hour/3600 seconds every 1000 years: Re: SLAC E158 "using clocks". Muon Neutrino's do not exceed the speed of light because they were created at the SOL. Einstein was right, not wrong:

    3600sec / 1000 years = 3.6 seconds WF Asy {a} added in one year. So we put that into the speed of light distance because space is relative to time. They are one and the same outside the atom.

    3.6 sec x 186282 (speed of light) = 670615.2 which is the {a} WF asy in distance added to the speed of light in one year so....

    670615.2 / 365.2425 days in a year = 1836.082055072999 is the {a} WF asy SOL distance added to speed of light in one day

    1836.082055072999 / 24 hours = 76.50341896137498 is the {a} WF asy time/distance added to speed of light in one hour

    76.50341896137498 / 60 minutes = 1.275056982689583 is the {a} WF asy added to speed of light in one minute

    1.275056982689583 / 60 seconds = 0.021250949711493 is the {a} WF asy added to speed of light in one second

    Now if the Earth were bigger and CERN's neutrinos had traveled a little over 186282 miles (one second + WF Asy gained @ SOL) we would be done, but since they only traveled 453.6 miles we need to keep going till we get to the amount of {a} added in 453.6 miles. So we divide the miles light travels in one second by the miles CERN's neutrinos traveled.

    86282 miles or one second/453.6 miles, the percentage of a one second gain which is = 410.6746031746032

    Now we divide it into the WF Asy one second gain from above (.021250949711493 )

    0.021250949711493 / 410.6746031746032= 5.174644243208279e-5

    That just gave us the total forward and back total neutrino oscillation weak force asymmetry {a} time gained in 453.6 miles. Now notice it is almost exactly double CERN's 2.48e-5 sec SOL gain announced Worldwide before the politics SLAC ignored stepped in.

    So pay attention because the next two simple calculations dividing it in half and using CERN's 2.48e-5 as a forward arrow "stopping point" to add the .10e-5 sec remaining difference to the other half to make it fit is a game changer from the "dice" (uncertainty principle) to two sided cards (two oscillation arrows connected to time) because CERN's data matching SLAC's E158 ratio shows time has a reverse Mass oscillation phase arrow direction adding a 4th Mass oscillation phase called the graviton to the atom (hole opposite the electron), and that means the neutrino has an asymmetric reverse direction partner that measures a little bigger than the neutrino giving time an asymmetry. And note the specific and exceptionally long SOL distances that create the asymmetry of the weak force ratio SLAC's E158 team measured. Add to that I had been quoting the E158 data for years after finding it and expected it to match like this to add the asymmetry to space calling it a lesser diesis harmonic comma and you can see this was no coincidence. (This was written before SLAC went back over their BaBar data and confirmed the asymmetry in time giving the discovery a sigma 14 level of certainty in Nov 2012.)

    5.174644243208279e-5 /2 = 2.58732212160414e-5 sec

    That gave us the forward arrow of time WF Asy gain in 453.6 miles that is .10e-5 sec over CERN's 2.48e-5 sec in CERN's equation @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5. So we subtract the difference:

    2.58e-5 - 2.48e-5 = .10e-5 sec

    And add it to the other half: 10e-5 + 2.58e-5 = 2.68e-5 giving the second reverse arrow an asymmetry in time of .20e-5 sec, the difference in size of the forward arrow @ 2.48e-5

    2.68e-5 - 2.48e-5 = .20e-5 sec

    So using basic math we see that CERN's muon neutrinos @ (v-c)/c = 2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles creates an asymmetry in time (Einstein's Comma) of .20e-5 sec just as I predicted it would simply by using CERN's forward arrow gain of 2.48e-5 sec to show where we "fold" space and complete adding SLAC's E158 ratio that fits filling in the second reverse Mass oscillation arrow with 2.68e-5 sec. If you add an asymmetry to time you must end up with one and to create gravity it must occur in the second (oscillation phase) half so the reverse arrow is a little longer. This shows Gravity is caused by the subtrahend of the electromagnetic wave where one side points up relative to the observer and the other side points down. Gravity is created by the remaining weak force asymmetry gained in the second reverse arrow of time with the forward arrow measuring 2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles.

    If it were wrong the numbers wouldn't say it was correct and someone would have corrected it in the last 4 years.

    BTW, I left something quite startling and important out related to the effect of weak force asymmetry in both physics and astronomy for a very good reason. I should have waited a few months after CERN's Sept 2011 announcement to show what caused it so the politics would not have tried to hide the solution not that it stopped SLAC from confirming the asymmetry in time exposed by the E158/CERN data match. But then again anyone following my work over the years would know what caused it so I had no choice if I wanted credit for the discovery in a world too often controlled by greed and a desire for power. Lucky for all of us that requires knowledge the bad guys are always short on.

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    so ... who selling the dvr replacement?

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    I'm not sure.. all I know is it's under 400ft
    You can get it from Fat Shark. Just email Fat Shark support. Unless the price has gone up it's only 30 bucks with labor.

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    I just want the modules and install it myself sending the google back to them will cost me alot , guess need to email them then

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    But looks like they ran out of stock ...
    Other retailers should have them as well.
    Or you might be able to get one from the factory .
    Australia post: "delivering packages the day after you need them since 1809"

    "Light travels faster than sound -- thats why some people appear bright until you hear them speak" - Albert Einstein.

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