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Anyway, I've got an old piece of equipment here I've had forever, and can't bring myself to throw it out. It's a VHF signal transmitter that will broadcast a sources signal over the air so standard television sets can pick the signal up with rabbit ear antennas. It was used in a logging camp I worked in, hooked up to a VCR (it was a long time ago) and it broadcast anything the VCR was playing over the entire camp to any TV that had their channel set to a certain channel. The input is plain coax so I would think any source would work. If I recall it was fairly powerful as a few people in a town 5 miles away could pick up the signal.

I was thinking maybe for a big meet or something a ground stations feed could be fed into its input & have the video broadcast to any TV set in the vicinity - but then again I guess very few sets these days can pick up standard VHF signals over the air (??)

Anyway - I've got it for sale but I doubt it will move so if anyone here that knows more about these things than I do (Alex?) can think of a use for it, I'll bundle it up and send it for whatever it costs to ship it (it's pretty heavy)

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