Ive search a bit, but, it seem that I'm the only one with this problem.

First thing first, I've have abuse that little one quite a lot, and ha a lot of fun with it! so, it's not like I'm disappointed of having a new craft RTF that have a problem! it's the opposite actually, I even buy another one as backup, but now, both seem to have a little problem I can't find why

My backup fly good, overall, really stable, but, When I give a full throttle to do a fast climb ... it yaw a bit! if someone have any clue about it? Still, cruising and going fast low and do some aerobatic is fine. it's just a bit anoying!

The worst is my first one, I flew it like crazy, crash it, fix it, and repeat. Last week, I went to a very small race and a air race, not that fast since that was a really slow track, then this started!

The throttle is jerking, like a really fast movement when the throttle is under, let say, 1/3 then when I pass that, it goes ok but, well, climbing, i'm on 4s. This is really annoying, any hovering or cruising will have that fast throttle jerking, I've connect it on cleanflight, all stuff seem ok in cleanflight, sensors, receiver, motors spin ok, without any shake. I've tried to flash it eith 1.9, or 1.8, same behavior, Reset to defaults seem to help, the looptime at 3500 help a bit and its barely noticeable, as soon as I go to 1500, the problem is back! I've tried a different receiver. because, the only thing I can thing about is the receiver oscillating the throttle quickly in flight... but, nothing, still have the bahavior. the receiver in cleanflight is perfectly stable... When I hold it and slowly increase the throttle, I don't see the problem, but as soon as I try to fly it, throttle jerking!

So, the only other thing I can thing of is fusion board problem, or ESC/motor trouble, but, really painful job to change all this to just verify if it's one of those component the problem!!!

So, any of you get that problem and fix it? any clue???