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Thread: TBS CROSSFIRE - Next Generation Long Range R/C System

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    Quote Originally Posted by DWB80117 View Post
    I think what you are seeing is a warning that the transmitter is to close to the receiver. It does that at high power settings. This is a warning that you could burn up the receiver because the signal from the TX is too powerful at this distance. Just keep them a bit apart and you should not see that warning.
    NO, that one is a other Warning and i dont see that,

    my Warning see Picture up, that warnigs will come when ur Radiocontrol give the Power to CF TX and that shouldn't be like anymore than 500mW, give you more as 500mW then Warning comes.
    But CF dont gets Power from Radiocontrol, they gets from extern 3S Lipo
    and then the warning should not come, but they comes. Thats is crazy.

    and about RSSI:
    i use Matek F405 with INAV. Ch 12 is for RSSI.
    on CF RX i have on Channel Map= Ch 12= RSSI.
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