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Thread: TBS CROSSFIRE - Next Generation Long Range R/C System

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    Hi all!

    I have a problem with crossfire mavlink bridge.

    i'm doing a quad setup with Pixhawk 2.1 (arducopter 3.6) + Crossfire + Diversity RX (not micro) on the taranis and an android tablet running QGroundControl. Installed last FW of XF (2.93) and openTX 2.2.2.

    I setup mavlink protocol for both telemetry and RC control. I made a cable goind from Telem1 of pixhawk to two channels of the RX, which i set to mavlink TX and RX. Then i setup arducopter parameters as XF manual suggests (change refresh rate of some part of telemetry). I connect with bluetooth from XF to tablet.

    RC control works just fine, but i only get 1-way telemetry. I can receive, so i can see quad position and flight params, but i can't send anything (i try to upload waypoints) nor i can load arducopter parameters at powerup.

    What's wronng?

    Edit: tried Force telem and 50hz modes, both totally Block telemetry
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    Could it be possible that Crossfire must be into MAVemu? Just a spontaneous idea.

    I'm connecting Crossfire TX to Droidplanner via Bluetooth (MAVlink) that's not quite the same, but I had to find the com port of the Bluetooth connection that allows telemetry. But I can only receive not send what is not necessary in my case with an airplane.

    good luck

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    Just If TBS reads this, I was just about to purchase some full range crossfire sets, but I just read the problems on mavlink/serial bridge indicated on this thread. That would be mandatory for my application, so I will not purchase TBS this time. I really wish it would be solved already because otherwise I love what the rest of the system is.

    Best regards.

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    it's working fine for me since a long time.

    mavemu or mavlink depends one the app you are using. droidplanner 2/ tower require mavemu, missionplanner on pc needs mavlink, inav requires serial bridge ........

    juss tin case you guys still got problems - try a factroy reset for the rx and the tx. this mostly solves strange issues.

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    I've got a quick question that hopefully somebody here has tried. I have limited equipment and want the ability to fly two units for redundancy. Could i fly an RFD900 at 915mhz with the TBS Crossfire set to 868mhz? I'm only trying to go a maximum of 4km so a little range reduction is not what i'm concerned about.

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    Technically it should work without problems.
    But - is there any country where both 915 and 868 are legel to use, AND also free?
    I accidentially tried to fly my Crossfire on 868 in Paraguay, Range was terrible. The free band here is 915MHz, after I switched, it showed the usual rock solid performance. Never tried 915 in an 868 country, but AFAIK there is GSM Mobile running on it.
    If you need redundancy, I would recommend 868/915 (ONE of them, the one legal in your country) and 433 as Backup, or vice versa.
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    i don't think anyone has probably ever tried this but would it be possible to run the tbs crossfire and the RFD900 both on the 900mhz band since the RFD does channel hoping i believe?

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