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Thread: Skyzone LCD Problem

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    Skyzone LCD Problem

    Hello i have buy Skyzone googels v2 (the old one with out dvr) hobbyking and i have problem with left LCD middle part of lcd is darker then each other side of lcd .
    I hope its not common problem with Skyzone, Fatshark common problem is LCD memory i already check 7 dominator v2 and 4 HD all had same problem some less some more other in only one lcd.
    only one was fine Dominator HD Preoder on hobbyking but dunno there was some beter product quality check .=[
    I already have open ticket in hobbyking to return googels.

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    Does it change when you move the IPD adjusters?

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    no they dont change =[

  4. #4 it get more visible when gogle power on for more then 1 minut

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