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Thread: help with flashing vortex in clean flight for my vortex total NOOB question

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    salem mass

    help with flashing vortex in clean flight for my vortex total NOOB question

    I finally was able to update the immersion RC vortex firmware to the latest update with numerous tries.
    My question is,
    and probably been answered before on a previous post.
    Im still running so far still on i assume from what i see on the osd clean flight 1.8.1

    Is it necessary to flash on to the board the latest clean flight 1.9?????? if now running on the latest vortex update firmware.
    haven't been able to put my vortex through its paces yet as its been raining here last few days.

    and when choosing the type of board in clean flight Am i correct to use the 1.9 NAZE 2015-6-20:41 in the choices of boards?
    And after that what will that do for my vortex.?????????

    Also I haven't been able to figure out how to activate on my spektrum DX6I the other switches I can only get AUX 1 to work for acro and horizon. would love to set horizon and angle on AUX 1 and acro on another AUX.

    Also any hints on how to use another AUX as the fail safe so if it gets out of hand I can flip that aux to kill the motors.
    Rather see my vortex drop to the sky than see it fly away, as it does when bench testing, the motors keep running with the TX off.
    or is that a thing you do as i seen on a few youtube vids on how to bind a R615 x RX. cant get it to work as they show on the vids by pulling the bind plug as you hold the bind switch on the TX when binding the vortex to the TX
    Im using orange R615X to get my feet wet and was easier to get for now. Ordered a lemon RX will bind when my confidence builds up. meaning for mow keeping a short leash on my vortex until i know all is set in stone to be able to well really see what this thing is capable of after all is said and done in the proper set up for my vortex

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    CFL 1.9.1 loses the altitude reading, from all I have seen you want to stick with .8
    There are ways to set up the things you describe, some of it needs to be through cfl, but I am not the one to explain it as I am figuring it out as I go...
    There are a few YouTube videos out there though.
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    Personnally I am using the dsmx satellite conversion, so I needed to update to 1.9 to have the spektrum 2048 option in cleanflight,however if you can access the osd, arm the drone and hover it then keep that version. Also My LED lights are connected to the rudder instead of the throttle, and I was wondering maybe you could check your's and tell me if they are working fine (meaning with the throttle). That would really mean that it's a thing related to my spektrum receiver, someone else with my setup same issue with the LED's

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