I know to a few of you out there, this will sound like a broken record but would be nice to get one final post on this, with possibly a good extensive step by step for us newbs, joining the ranks of FPV flyers out there. On how to properly set up out new vortexes because been reading
numerous post here with the updates from immersion and clean flight

would be nice if a monitor such as swillhide oe zeeflyboy or sticky could do a step by step. For us newbs to the real world of mini quads. converting from bind and fly type quads. To the real world of quads.
So if i understand this right

1. the vortex uses a naze 32 or similar to a naze 32 board. and should be flashed in clean flight to VS 1.9 looking for in the list for the Naze 32 board,
After updating the vortex using immersion tools. of course.

On a side note: keep seeing horror stories of the latest updates not communicating with clean flight very well. Soooo.
My vortex on osd reads.
OSDV 1.0.5
api 1.8.1
FC version 1.8.1 which im assuming is an older version of clean flight.
Im running a TX spektrum dx6i with an orange 615R rx

So i ran it through its paces un altered/out of the box. And was able to go through the wizard with the reversal of the the rudder and aileron on the TX
and trying to mess with the end points in travel adjustments through the travel adjust set up on my Tx.
which would be nice to get the correct settings for that. or correct range estimates.

I also read that not to change the min max end points in clean flight on the configuration tab, but to change the mids to like 1543 or something like that to correct the yaw issue

plugging it to clean flight. with some success. but when i bench test, i can arm it disarm it, but one of the motors seems to be running a lil harder. I assume that is the Yaw issue.
I'm writing this because id want my first flight to be fun and not crash it right off the bat.

so from what i read step
1 is to update my vortex via immersion tools
2. bring it on clean flight and flash the board to clean flight 1.9 looking for the Naze 32 board on the list
3. reboot the vortex go through the wizard, then open connected to a pc to clean flight 1.9
Does that sum it up??????
What will that help me with ??????

Other question is i noticed i can only alter my aux 1 in clean flight on my vortex right out of the box, using again a spektrum DX6i.
will updating and flashing the clean flight to the vortex will allow me to alocate the other 5 auxs switches to allow me to choose different switches to designate arm/disarm/ and the three flight modes. since this TX only has 2 way switches. Which in OSD my AUX 1 only gives me acro and horizon, not angle. That could be due to the protune i chose of BWEEB i think thats the name on the profile. help with that as w ell would be great

So once all of this updating is done. Can it be reversed with holding the button on the led board to reset back to factory settings or once updated and flashed with clean flight your stuck with that .
So enough of my ramblings. So I hope to get some great responses from this ANY help would be great. Rather be flying than my vortex being a paper weight at the moment.