Quick answers to questions that pop often:

Can I wire LED in parallel?

Short answer: «NO. ».Long answer: «Maybe. ». LED are diode type semiconductor, they let current trough only above a certain voltage, above that voltage, current rise very quickly, almost like a short. That voltage threshold diminishes as temperature rise. That's why they can easily go boom if nothing regulates current in them. The voltage threshold may also be different from LED to LED, leading to uneven current distribution.

How many LED can I wire in series?

The RC6Flex input voltage need to be at least 1V above the output. Example: Driving 3x 3.3V LED in series require an input of at least 9.9+1V or 10.9V. A 3S will do it, but you may reach a point where max current can't be obtained through the discharge of the pack. Note that not all LED are 3.3V, check the spec sheet of your LED.

What is the max power, the RC6Flex can handle?

The RC6Flex can take up to 5S lipo or 21V and drive up to 6.6A, that translate to 139W.

Can I use the Rc6Flex to power a foam cutter?
Certainly yes, you will need something to provide a servo signal to the RC6Flex, a servo tester will do it for cheap. Simply connect the bow on the LED output and adjust to desired wire temp.