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Thread: can some one provide a solution or explanation

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    can some one provide a solution or explanation

    hi all
    id like to put together a ground station that can track my plane but the ground station will be moving on a boat. the boat may not necessarily be under way but may be just swinging on anchor. the ability to do both would be the targeted outcome.

    as I understand some GS get their data from the onboard GPS and the GS gets its location from when you turn it on (home position). if some of you guys using this setup say turn you GS say 90 deg will the antenna move to the correct direction of your plane? what happens if you rock the GS will it stay pointed at aircraft and compensate accordingly?

    I would suggest the range would be greater than 5km so small movements may stay within the beam width of the antenna but if there is anyone up to speed on the technical side of such a GS and what I should look at to solve a potential tracking problem im all ears.

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    5km would not need any tracking, just a good set of CP on 1.3.
    Flying through the cash.

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    If you had the MFD tracker you can add a GPS unit to the GS (i dont have a GPS unit on the ground as mine doesn't move during flight). This way the tracker will adjust to its location (so you could have the boat moving at speed and it would still track the plane). It also has a built in compass so it knows which direction it is aiming, even if your boat is doing a circle. Downside could be if you hit failsafe and the plane goes in to RTH... home would be where you started the flight. hope this helps.

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    The Ark bird aat can also use a ground gps , and can actually be used to track a downed plane as well . Works real well

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