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Thread: AlceOSD: A graphics, MAVLink-based replacement for MinimOSD

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    AlceOSD: A graphics, MAVLink-based replacement for MinimOSD

    AlceOSD is a graphics-based replacement and upgrade to MinimOSD. If you have used MinimOSD, you know that it is simple to implement (though, somewhat picky with wiring implementation), cheap, easy to configure, and is extremely useful for what you will pay. However, it is also somewhat dated. The text based OSD is limited, and the headroom for new code development is nonexistent.

    AlceOSD appears to be a replacement for MinimOSD, version 2.0 of the hardware, if you will. Using a Microchip 16-bit PIC, there is more headroom for code development/new OSD features. And, the display is all graphics based, not text based. It uses the same MAVLink input, so it may be used with APM/PX4/Pixhawk, or any MAVLink compatible interface. There's also extra analog inputs, I'm guessing for a bare-bones implementation on a multirotor. Eventually, the plan is to release the code to open source.

    I have nothing to do with the hardware development. The board was developed by Luis Alves. Reading elsewhere, I understand that some of the hardware is related to other open source flight controllers/OSDs. But, I am not qualified to describe the details. I do, however, have an early prototype board that he built to distribute for beta testing and code development. In this thread, I'll document my work with AlceOSD. The board came in the mail the other night from Portugal, and I have already flashed it with the latest v0.3 hex.

    Luis' GoogleSites page for AlceOSD - get more information or your own board here:
    The DIYDrones announcement:

    The latest software in action:

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    Update. I haven't had much time to work on this, but I have made more progress than I was expecting.

    1. The board needs 12v supplied from the camera. I originally tried powering the board from the 5v telemetry from APM, and only connecting the video in and out (as I do with minimOSD). This does not work. Connecting the 12v power made things work great.

    2. The OSD is currently coded to have any number of tabs or screens. The default is no OSD (blank tab). Changing tabs is linked to a configurable RC channel. Trouble is, I'm utilizing all my RC channels for other things. A temporary hack allowed me to change tabs as designed. Luis is going to add a tab switching option similar to the mode change logic with minimOSD, which will suit my needs better (and likely many others, too).

    3. For my taste, the OSD graphics are fairly thin, and the text size is small. I may need to play around with the settings. I prefer a very easy to read OSD. It needs to have big text to see it in the bright desert sun. This will likely be modified or changed in future firmware versions.

    4. The firmware is now released as open source in the DIYDrones GitHub repository:

    5. Overall first impressions: Very good. I've had to do zero hacking to get it to work. Everything is working as expected thus far.

    6. My flashing kit has arrived, so I'll be able to easily build .hex and flash customized versions when the time comes. By my standards, the code is very readable and clean. If you know C, you'll be like a duck in water.

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    AlceOSD with Arduplane on Radiolink Mini Pix

    Just wanted to post a recent flight test of my build with AlceOSD to increase the amount of AlceOSD videos on the web
    I think this OSD is really underrated.

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    anyone in the US have this for sale? Tend to shy away from international shipping

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