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Thread: trouble shooting RMRC system .. think its the reciver

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    trouble shooting RMRC system .. think its the reciver

    I have the 1.3 starter pkg with the 300mw tx and the rx. was working properly with the OSD working. Had a problem with the 8" display showing no signal so i replaced the cables and it seemed like it fixed the problem. The problem has returned. The receiver is only intermittently able to connect to the 8" RMRC display or a tv i connected it to. When it does it shows snow and its a messed up picture but you can make out the OSD and some of the image.

    So the question is... Does the RX give a signal even if its not receiving anything and show snow on the display if its functioning properly? IE you turn on your RX before the TX and check to see if anyone is broadcasting on your frequency. OR if its not reciving a signal from the TX does it just show blue screen/no signal?


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    with the rx on you should see static, are you in the correct channel on both?
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    And NTSC or PAL mode for everything?

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