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Thread: Q: Revision History for Trace IV

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    Question Q: Revision History for Trace IV

    Dear Skylark,

    I've just purchased a Trace IV and I have it working pretty good so far. My question is on the latest changes to both the firmware and hardware.

    My firmware version is 3.0 - can you tell us what the changes from 2.9 - 3.0 are? Is the latest version of the configuration software the correct one to use with this firmware?

    Also, my hardware seems to be slightly different from the latest version of the manual - i have 3 dip switches on the bottom side, it's not immediately clear which one is which (cam vs. vtx) and what the third dip switch is for - can you clarify? My RSSI connector is a regular servo connection as well - seems different from the pictures where it was still a molex connector...

    Many thanks!

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    Can you show me with pictures which one you have?

    The only difference between 2.9 and 3.0 is added gps number in simple mode screen

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