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Thread: Just bought DomHD and they don't fit!

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    Just bought DomHD and they don't fit!

    I just bought a pair of Dominator HDs and they don't fit my face! - or to be more specific my nose. The bridge of my nose is high and it's keeping the googles from sealing under my eyes. Any way to make these work? Has anyone created an extension for the eye cups? Seems like Fatshark would have come up with something like this as I can't be the only one with a nose. I was hoping there might be something on thingiverse that I could 3D print. No luck. What have others done? Thanks!

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    If you're in the US buy one of these:

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    Not sure the faceplate will help in this case.
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    I have a pretty big nose, yours must be HUGE to not fit the Dom HD's. Run away girls, run away

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