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Thread: Vortex yaw - Instructions how to solve

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmersionRC View Post
    Simply twist the quad, that's all there is to it, holding one set of arms and rotating the other, obviously don't overdo it, just carefully twist it.
    Excellent - I like a crude solution like that! Will report back

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssassen View Post
    Alright, I spent the better part of my morning diagnosing a yaw issue on a fresh, right out of stock, Vortex using a new radio/receiver. Here's what I found:

    1) The motor mounts are all flat and level within tight tolerances, so this is not the root cause.
    2) The accelerometers have been calibrated on a flat and level surface, so this is not the root cause either.
    3) I checked frame alignment and geometry, making sure all feet touch the table when setting the Vortex down, hence the frame is not warped.
    4) I replaced the props with HQ GF filled props that have a more consistent shape out of the wrapper, this did not show improvement.

    So, the above rules out anything with the frame or motor mounts not being proper aligned, hence the root cause lays elsewhere.

    I subsequently hooked the Vortex up via USB, loaded CleanFlight and looked at the 'Receiver' tab. One thing is clear, if center position is off on the sticks from what's expected the quad will drift. Upon looking at my center positions they were all around 1515us, with my yaw axis being at 1520us. The easiest way to fix this is not by fiddling with the radio's subtrims but by using the CLI.

    Attachment 63475

    Before you go into the CLI tab, make ABSOLUTELY sure you remove all propellers, as when saving settings in CLI it can spin the motors up at full throttle for a fraction of a second, that's enough to cause serious damage to people and property. Alternatively you can cover the Vortex with a towel to prevent the props from spinning.

    The command to enter is 'set mid_rc=1515' (followed by 'enter') in my case, as most of my controls center around that value. Enter 'save' after and the flight controller will save this value and reboot. Now after connecting to CleanFlight again I used the subtrim of the radio on the yaw (rudd) channel to get as close to 1515us as I could, monitoring the value in CleanFlight's receiver tab.

    That's it, with the center values being set correctly I no longer experience yaw drift on the Vortex, not when hovering, nor when doing full throttle punch-outs.
    Does anyone know why the cleanflight configurator graph over plots by about 100 on every channel.
    I noticed this on my own setup where the midpoints are a solid 1500, and yet the cleanflight configurer graph shows them all at almost 1600.

    The image ssassen has posted above also shows this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JavierBayArea View Post
    a DX9 with a lemonRX will give off center values like what he says. But instead of going to the CLI all i did was change in Cleanflight's configuration tab: "Middle throttle [rc inputs center value]" and that fixed it apparently for me.

    Is it ok to do this or not?
    Thanks for this and to those who started and commented in this thread. But I did what you did as I have a similar setup. Lemon and DX Tx. My midpoints were 1513 so I set it as you did ad test flew. It fixed my yaw problem. Couldn't tell on the drifting though as it was very windy today.

    Do you or anyone know if for the other endpoints under configuration for low and high throttle should I set them to what is showing as well? Mine is at 1040, 1513 and 1980. Or should I leave them at 1100 and 1900. Some said early on to set them at 1000 and 2000.

    @Hughie I have not noticed that on mine but I will check next time I hook up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boogeyman View Post

    Do you or anyone know if for the other endpoints under configuration for low and high throttle should I set them to what is showing as well? Mine is at 1040, 1513 and 1980. Or should I leave them at 1100 and 1900. Some said early on to set them at 1000 and 2000.
    Set to just under 1000 to just over 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerceivedShift View Post
    Set to just under 1000 to just over 2000
    Ok thanks. So even if under the receiver tab my ranges are showing at 1040, 1513, and 1980? Just want to be sure. So I adjust this under the configuration tab.. throttle min and max correct? Do I also need to adjust my TX travels as well?
    Thank You
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    just by setting mid_rc isn't enough, I found that most of the radio gives out a "dirty" signal when punch out with throttle....I found that by adding a small deadband in the yaw helped fix the issue

    I did "set yaw_deadband=25" to give myself 25ms of deadzone

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerceivedShift View Post
    Set to just under 1000 to just over 2000
    New to all this, just finally connected to cfl. Set midpoints as described, only saw the option to set throttle endpoints. Are we talking about setting all of the endpoints, like maybe also through the cli tab? If so, or if it's more than just the throttle endpoints, could somebody please explain how/where I do this? Thanks.

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    I had Issues with Yaw and after trying these things, what fixed it was replacing two of the motors.
    The Yaw would not hold and the tail would dip on turns.

    Things I tried:

    • Confirmed motors were aligned properly
    • Set End/Mid Points for the RC Rx in Clean Flight
    • Set Yaw DeadBand at 25
    • Switched from EzUHF to Orangerx R620X - Reconfig also
    • Different Props
    • Put Yaw Expo on RC Tx
    • Adjusted the Center of Gravity forward and back
    • Flew with and without the GoPro - No Battery either time
    • Auto Tuning - Don't do it.....
    • Different Protunes and Stock PID's
    • Replaced the motors - BINGO

    My Vortex had two motors with noisy or rough bearings. I used cleanflight to spin each up individually to confirm what I felt with my hands.
    Here's a video of the issue before and after for others to look at.


    Hopefully this points others in the right direction. I thought I had tuning issues to begin with and was chasing my tail for an evening before replacing them.
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    My setting in CF are below. Can I just set the sub-trims on the radio to make them all 1500 since they go different ways?

    Roll 1507
    Pitch 1508
    Yaw 1490

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    My centre positions were 1496.

    'set mid_rc=1496' - reboot - fly -no more yaw drift.


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