using tx spektrum DX6I WITH ORANGE R615x RX
ok running on latest firmware but still on clean flight 1.8
after reading and doing what ssassen suggested on setting the mids via CLI. to fix the yaw

My question is.
To correct the yaw issue In CLEANFLIGHT correct it by in CLI tab
Set mid_rc=1513

that we as well have to correct the values down to 1513 via travel adjust on our TX, and tune it to where it shows 1513 after we set the values in CLI or the mid. Or doing that on the CLI should of taken care of that.

If so hope someone says yes one needs to set the values using the TX for the mids on yaw on the config tab in clean flight to 1513 finding that sweet spot on travel adjust/ rudder until the values on the config tab match for mids in yaw to be at 1513

Below are my values
ANY suggestion on if and what else would need to be changed.

Also noticed my values fluctuate on my yaw from 1534 to 1535 when the stick is centered out any clue as if that maybe my cause of a bad yaw issue.
All motors turn at the same speed when i do a master motor test. So I don't think its a motor issue.

i set my mid at 1513 as suggested by another person using the same tx and receiver in CLI tab
and still having issues at even low hover my vortex dances in a circle.

on my config tab in clean flight the reading as are such
Min throttle at 1100
mid throttle at 1513 (rc inputs value)
max throttle at 1900
minimum command @ 1015

receiver tab it shows as
left 1101 YAW
center 1529 LEFT STICK 1904
right 1970 CENTER 1534-1535 fluctuates in between
Right stick 1964

FWD 1970
center 1529-1530 fluctuates between.
Rev. 1101