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Thread: DX6i and EzUHF not binding

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    Where are you stuck at?
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    Well I'm worried that the RMRC spektrum/ezuhf cable I bought is improperly wired and that's why i'm getting the -.... signal from my UHFtx.
    So I figure maybe I should just make my own.

    I cut the FUTABA end off the trainer cable that came with my ezUHF setup (futaba on one side, svhs on the other) but from what i've read, the wire colours therein aren't always the same and the only way to be sure is to use your multimeter to figure out which wire is ground and which wire should be ppm in.

    I know that on the mono plug side, it should be PPM on the pin and GND on the sleeve but on the svhs, there are four colours in the cable and I don't know which is which.

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    Isn't the ezuhf Tx suppose to beep when binding?

    Hey which Vancouver are you from?

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    I'm from the best damn Vancouver in all of Canada!

    Yeah, the tx beeps while binding, but the beep pattern I was getting was signaling lack of ppm.
    I got this sorted out by making my own cable. Looks like the cable I got from rmrc wasn't sending ppm.
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    Hi All

    I know this is an old thread, but I also struggled with the EzUHF binding procedure with my DX6i radio. I eventually got it working.

    Here are the detailed steps that I took to perform the binding with my Spektrum DX6i radio.

    1) Connect suitable antennas to both the EzUHF Tx, and Rx and place them within 1m of each other.
    2) Ensure that the EzUHF Tx is set to low power mode.
    3) Power up the EzUHF Tx by connecting a battery to it.
    4) Hold down the Failsafe/Bind button on the EzUHF Tx and connect the EzUHF Tx to the Spektrum DX6i radio via the trainer port using the supplied cable from RMRC (while connecting to the radio the Failsafe/Bind button must be held down the whole time).
    5) The Spektrum DX6i radio does not need to be turned on for the bind procedure. As soon as the connecting cable from the EzUHF Tx is plugged into the radio's trainer port, the radio will turn on (even if it's power switch is still in the "Off" position).
    6) As soon as a periodic beeping starts, let go of the Failsafe/Bind button on the EzUHF Tx.
    7) Apply power to the receiver, and within 10 seconds, hold down the binding button on the receiver. After < 1 second the LED should extinguish, and shortly after, it should flash 3 times, indicating binding success. If instead, the LED flashes 6, or 10 times, quite quickly, then binding failed, and must be re-attempted. NOTE!: The Bind switch on the 8 channel ‘dual board’ receiver is accessed between the two boards, from the hole beside the servo connectors (it is not hidden under the ‘BIND’ text on the label). At this stage, a small tune is played to indicate successful binding.
    8) Turn off Rx by unplugging the battery that powers the Rx
    9) Turn off Tx (in ***THIS*** order) by unplugging the battery that is plugged into the EzUHF Tx.

    Proper binding could now be verified by plugging in the battery to the EzUHF Tx again (the cable connecting the EzUHF Tx and Spektrum DX6i radio is still in place and the radio's power switch is still in the "Off" position) and then powering up the EzUHF Rx. Verify proper bind, servos should respond to stick input.

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