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    Our website,, is a Chinese online store rapidly growing offers the most popular electronic products and the most fun

    accessories of good quality. We ship free worldwide.

    In this thread you can find information on offers and exclusive promotions and contact me for the discount coupons.

    Any doubt could do question in this post or contact me by private message.

    In fpvlab forum, we will offer all the RC products that interest you.

    Use the links below for more information:

    All about gearbest: http://www.gearbest....t/about-us.html

    About Shipping:

    Customer Service:

    Our Facebook RC Group:
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    Gearbest FAQ 2017-05-10 UPDATED

    Shipping method availability updating for battery ": ( ( edit on March 31th, 2017 )

    Where can we deliver the package to?": ( edit on March 21th, 2017 )

    ( Business days means Monday to Friday, not including weekends and public holidays )

    Pre Sale

    1.How can I make orders?
    At first please register an account in GearBest, after log in, you can use the shopping cart to place orders.
    The common steps for ordering as below:
    (1).Find the items you want to order
    (2).Add the items to your shopping cart
    (3).Choose a shipping method
    (4).Proceed to checkout (Please fill your shipping information for the shipping)
    (5).Pay the payment of the order through Paypal/Credit Card etc.
    PS. If you filled fault shipping information when you proceed to check out or you want to change your shipping information after proceed the order, you can ask our "customer service": or ask the "CS account GearBest": through PM to correct your shipping information.

    2.Can I change my order once it has been processed?
    Unfortunately you can't. If you contact us immediately after placing the order, we can probably make the change(s) as you request. If the order has been charged, we cannot make any change.

    3.Want to add items to my order, what should I do?
    You can add items to your shopping cart if you have not clicked "check out by PayPal"
    If you have clicked the "check out by PayPal", but still have not made payment, you can delete it in the order list, and place another new order.
    If the paid order is not processed, feel free to contact us. Customer service representative will handle it for you manually.

    4.Why can't I add some items to cart with the other items?
    Please pay attention to the items that on GearBest page annoucing "Pre-Sale", can't allow the other items be ordered with pre-sale items (when the item has several colors to be chosen, different colors also can't be ordered in the same order as they have different SKU). According to the stocking time of our pre-sale items, we sincerely don't recommend you to make the order for pre-sale with the other items, as the other items will wait for pre-sale items for the stocking, it may make a delay for the shipping.

    5.What payment methods can I use for processing my order from
    GearBest primarily uses PayPal to process secure online payments. Besides, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer (debit card).

    6.If I want my separate orders to be shipped together as 1 order, is it possible?
    sorry can't do it

    7.I made an order for several items, the shipping delaid for several days, why does this case happens?
    We should ask you to pay attention for the order with several different items, some of the items may probably out of stocking at the time, and need about 3~5 days to get restock for the item. If you place an order for multiple items, please notice that we need to wait for the stocking of each item, and this may make a shipping delay for your order. If the item need long time to be restocked(over 7 days normally), we may ship out the stock items first. We'll strongly recommend you to place separate orders for each item, if there is no necessary to make the items be shipped together.

    8.How long will it take for processing an order?
    Your orders will be prepaired with the stocking by our warehouse in 1~3 business days, and package will be shipped to courier in 1~3 business days, totally we need 3~5 business days for processing an order to be shipped.
    Notice: normally, we have ample products in stock, but occasionally there's possibility that some items are temporarily out of stock. It will take 3-5 business days to get the goods restock.

    9.How long will it take to process the back order?
    If the item on GearBest page is lacking of stocking, the order may turns to back order, generally we'll get restock in 3~5 business days, some products may require longer time to be restocked, please pay attention to our annoucement or contact our customer service to ask about the stocking.

    10.How can I know if your items have enough stocking when I place order?
    Normally, we have ample products in stock, but occasionally there's possibility that some items are temporarily out of stock. It will take 3-5 business days to get the goods restock.
    If you want to know about the stocking status, you can ask our customer service or ask CS GearBest through PM to check about the stocking for you.

    11.I have paid, why the order status is still unpaid?
    Since PayPal server will be delayed sometimes, please wait 2-4 hours and check it again. If it still shows “unpaid”, please provide your email and order ID number, we'll check and fix the problem.

    12.How can I check my order status?
    Log into your account on and then go to "My Account" on the top right of web page. Visit Order list in “My Account” and check out the order status. Including whether it is shipped, collecting or partially shipped, the shipping date, tracking No, tracking website, etc.

    13.Can I cancel my order and get refunds?

    If the order payment status is "Unpaid", you can delete it directly.
    If the order has been paid and the shipment status is “Unshipped”, you can "contact us": to cancel the order and get refund.
    If the order has been paid and the shipment status is “packing” or “shipped”, we are unable to cancel or modify the order any more.
    You can choose to send back the unopened products when you receive it. We will refund after we receive them.
    Please note does not pay the return shipping fee for this returned item, and we are not responsible if goods were lost when return without tracking.
    We will deal with the refund within 1-3 business days after we receive the returned item.

    About Shipping

    1.What Countries Does Gearbest Deliver To?
    please visite here : ( edit on March 21th, 2017 )

    2.What shipping method does Gearbest use?
    We have three shipping methods, they are Flat Rate Shipping, Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping.
    For a detailed explanation about each shipping method, destinations and approximate delivery times, please check:

    3. How long will NLPost take to arrive to me?
    arrive to Europeen countries in 10~20 business days after shipping,
    arrive to USA or middle east countries in 15~20 business days,
    arrive to Russia (except the far east part) in 20~30 business days,
    arrive to Australia or other Asian countries in 15~25 working days.

    4.Where can I check the tracking for my order?
    You can check about your tracking informations in the order list of your account, but we recommend you to use the site (link is external) to check,
    the tracking system of our website is updated by courrier, it may have an information delay about the tracking information.

    As for package-tracking: when an order can’t be tracked, please try these sites:
    Track your parcel mostly on the site: ( DHL,EST,OWE,and AIR MAIL Registered are included )
    Sweden Post:
    Russian Direct Express(XF):
    Australia Line Registered:
    Russian Direct Express(EHY):
    USPS First class :
    USPS Priority-from US Warehouse :
    Australia Line (TOLL):

    5.What’s the meaning of my tracking number shows the status “Pre-adviced” or “Not Found”?
    Currently there is an information delay about the tracking of NLPost,
    NLPost has too many parcels transporting to the Custom or transporting to Netherland Sorting Center,
    the tracking information can’t be updated in time,
    we could only beg your patience to wait for a few more days, to wait for the tracking information update.
    It usually takes NLPost about 1-5 Business days to update new information.

    After Sale

    1.What should I do if an item is missing from my order?
    First, please check your order list to make sure whether order was sent in one package.
    If items sent separately, please be patient for another one. If all packages have been delivered but you're still missing an item, check the packing clearly for small item.
    If you are unable to locate the item at last, please take a photo which shows any label of the packing and contact our customer service, we'll help you to make a resend or a refund as you will.

    2.What should I do if an item is broken after I receive the package?
    Please make sure the item is not broken after opperational errors, if the item is broken during delivery, please take a photo of the item to show the defective and contact our customer service or CS account, we'll help you to make a resend or a refund as you will.

    3.If an item is missing accessories in my package, what can I do?
    First, check the details in the product description again on to make sure it is supposed to have what you think it should.
    If you're really missing something, please contact us, and here's how we'll handle it:
    Give us your order number and the product code.
    If the missing part is hard to describe, please provide a photo and reference a similar product photo on
    If we confirm something is missing, we'll send it out to you free of charge.

    4.If a key part of your product is missing on delivery, here is how we can solve the problem for you:
    Contact us first, with your order number and product code; we will help to clarify what part is missing.
    For major, expensive and integral product parts we may need to follow it up as a "lost/stolen in delivery"
    If the part is small or an accessory, we will most likely be able to help you by simply re-sending it.

    5. If I don't receive my package after a long period of time, can I get a refund from
    After how many days if I still don't receive my package I could make a request to get a refund from promise to all the orders, we can make a refund for customers if you don't receive your package after 60 days (count from the date shipped),
    the refund will return to your Paypal account, we'll make your refund after you make the request in 1-7 business days.

    6. If you have any other questions about, please feel free to contact our "customer service": ,
    or send PM to "CS account GearBest": to ask for help,
    we're welcome for the feedbacks of our service, and will do our best to improve our service for all the customers.

    More about Gearbest FAQ:



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    Thanks for sharing the FAQ. It all makes sense now.
    Montreal company

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