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Thread: OSD Help please

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    OSD Help please

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at buying a OSD, for my bix3, but, I am not sure which one to buy.

    I mainly want it to be super simple to install onto this system:

    I already have this 5.8ghz set but am going to change freq. as I have a dragon link on the way and would like to venture a bit further:

    I couldn't tell you anymore if that is a 12v or a 5v camera as after about 20 flights the sticker started to come off real bad, so I just pulled it off. I think its 12v as when I plug in battery to the plane, the balance plug goes into some funky thing that has a plug going to the vTX that is connected to the camera.

    As you might be able to tell, I would like to keep this addon as simple as possible, keeping the chopping and changing of wires as little as possible, none would be best.

    I am not really that picky about the OSD, the thing that it MUST have is a home arrow so I can find my way and an altimeter. The rest would be a bonus.


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    Personal opinion here

    Need to have
    Most important thing to know are your battery voltages. nothing is worse than running a batter down and having video go down and then crash way out.

    Good to have
    Current amp draw. Gives you an idea of rpm and what your motor is doing
    RSSI- how strong is your control signal.
    Air Speed. Know when you are about to stall

    Nice to have
    GPS position. Not critical but it might give you warm fuzzies. The home arrow really is not that useful. Study a map and learn the area. Works well.
    Altitude. Stay somewhat legal

    Not really that important
    Ground speed
    RTH. Too much can go wrong if you depend on this. Many will argue how great it is. I am not a fan.
    Artificial Horizon.

    The Super simple OSD will give you 2 battery voltages or one voltage and RSSI if you hack it. Super simple OSD voltages are not accurate. Mine are all report about 1/2 volt low.

    I have skylark trace, skylark tiny, Remzibi and G-OSD and several super simples. They are also listed most expensive to cheapest. all meet your requirements except the super simple.

    All require hacking wires. Get used to that. Learn to Solder and to crimp. Skip buying remade wires. They almost never work or are the wrong length.

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