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Thread: A simple osd setup

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    A simple osd setup

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at buying a OSD, for my bix3, but, I am not sure which one to buy.

    I mainly want it to be super simple to install onto this system:

    I already have this 5.8ghz set but am going to change freq. as I have a dragonlink on the way and would like to venture a bit further:

    I couldn't tell you anymore if that is a 12v or a 5v camera as after about 20 flights the sticker started to come off real bad, so I just pulled it off. I think its 12v as when I plug in battery to the plane, the balance plug goes into some funky thing that has a plug going to the vTX that is connected to the camera.

    As you might be able to tell, I would like to keep this addon as simple as possible, keeping the chopping and changing of wires as little as possible, none would be best.

    I am not really that picky about the OSD, the thing that it MUST have is a home arrow so I can find my way and ideally an altimeter. The rest would be a bonus.

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