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Thread: Schematics for FatShark FPV Gimball

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    Schematics for FatShark FPV Gimball

    Could someone please let me know what are the parts numbers / parts I need to connect all Fatshark Gimball to work?
    Or alternatively know where I could find some schematics to it?
    I was looking at this Gimbal:

    Than I saw this Altittude V2. Bundle

    any other parts I need to Buy ?
    To make this system work ?
    batteries ect ?

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    There is no schematics or part no: to it .
    You need the HT which is in the Atti goggles you linked , you also need a compatible RC transmitter that will work with the Trinity head tracker in the goggles . this is a good start for choice of radios .
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