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Thread: What Are Your Favorite FPV Tips?

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    Invest in high quality antennas. Yeah sure you can save some cash and make them yourself, but there are guys like IBCrazy who geek out on them and having the good stuff makes all the difference.

    Keep it simple. Antenna trackers are cool to watch, sure, but there is alot to be said for spending time flying rather than setting up and tearing down. The more complex your rig, the more there is that can go wrong. A pepperbox on a hand pointable tripod beats a helical on a tracker, or a diversity rig any day. And it has less points of failure!

    Time spent meticulously wiring, and not cutting corners pays off in time spent flying rather than troubleshooting.

    Go with your gut. If you feel like it just isn't your day, pack it up and fly another day. Hastily tossing a plane when your gut says you probably shouldn't usually does not often end well!

    If you have a taranis or a highly customizable radio try moving your trims to the opposite sides. It is easier to trim aileron and elevator with your throttle hand than fumbling with the trim while trying to simultaneously fly with the same hand.

    Never use the bec on an esc. EVER.

    A bicycle strobe light is a great homing beacon when night flying. It can be seen from quite a distance when placed in a dark area away from other lights.

    Hit record! Roll the dvr on every flight, no exceptions. The time you lose your plane will ALWAYS be the time you didn't hit record...dont lose your rig...just hit record.

    The best fpv aircraft is the one that you worry about the least.

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    Hike in - it's always worth it.
    Drink lots of water.
    Always hit record, on the ground and in the air.
    Have fun - if you're not, stop and check yourself.
    Test test test on the bench.
    Program and test your fail safes.
    Disable ESC LVC.
    Don't be stupid.
    "That aircraft is nothing but a bunch of spare parts flying in close formation!"

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    Excellent tips. I'll be sure to use most of these

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    Awesome Tips! Keep it up!

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    Agree with everything, nice list.

    I'll add: understand what you're doing. Understand how things work and only then will you be able to really enjoy and succeed in FPV!
    This goes hand in hand with... read up... A LOT. SOme of my favourite sources:
    - The Lab, of course!
    - IBCrazy's tutorial videos
    - (boring alert) product manuals (learn that flight controler and that OSD inside out)
    - My own personal favourite, the Beginner's Guide to FPV

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    don't drink and drive

    get high and fly
    flyin HIGH

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    Have your goggle module and your groundstation both tuned into your plane because when you throw the plane and the goggle cable gets caught on the tail of the plane and your tripod goes flying, you can switch to your goggles and set your groundstation back up and continue like nobody saw what happned.

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    LOL ^^ good tip
    flyin HIGH

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    LOL. Another good tip if you use tripod for ground station is to have it weighted down. On windy days that thing can go flying too! Always have spare props. Have spare prop nuts. >_< Extra screws. Always check motor screw tightness!

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    LOL ya I had mine blow over one day too. another good tip
    flyin HIGH

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