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Thread: What Are Your Favorite FPV Tips?

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    What Are Your Favorite FPV Tips?

    What are your favorite FPV Tips? Post them here. We would love to see your input.

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    Be sure to choose an aircraft that can outrun an eagle.
    Don't always believe your battery's expected output.
    Don't encourage your wife to get into fpv.
    Use sunscreen.
    Don't drink too much, props are sharp.
    Drink heaps it makes it more fun.
    In the pursuit of max range be prepped to loose it all.
    Remember your not as smart as you think you are.

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    Always take the lens cap off camera before you walk away from your craft
    Always make sure your 1 battery for the goggles is gully charged
    If you think your battery is low, dont question yourself, BRING IT IN!!!
    DONT TURN YOUR FPV EQUPMENT ON when flying with other people that are already in the air!!!

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    +1 on the sunscreen!
    Check your goggles before powering on
    Tape or secure your cords to your tripod so you don't pull them out
    Keep a DVR recording at all times (saved my butt many times)
    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that. - Performance video piloting

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    More simple = more fun
    more complicated = more stress.

    Don't kill yourself trying to make the latest/best/fastest/most exciting video.. chances are, someone out there in internet land has already done everything there is to do. The sooner you start flying for yourself and stop worrying about making videos for the web, the sooner you'll start having fun.

    I fly with with mobius' and gopros a lot less than I used to.. because I fly for me.
    (also.. longer flight times this way)
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    If you had only one tip for a noob, what would it be?

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    I've done RC forever, new to FPV... But I'd say this applies to all segments of the hobby:

    Buy the good shit first. If you can afford it, buy gear that you can grow into. There's something to be said for budget options that get you up and running fast, but I've always been of the mindset that if you're patient and get the good stuff first, you'll be happier in whatever segment of our wonderful hobby you choose.

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    Keep it simple...Absolutely the best piece of advice. There is so much out there that you see, get excited and buy. Take the time to ask youself if it really aligns with your goals, do you really need 1500mW of power?

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    Buy the good shit first.
    Everything that does not leave the ground, goggles ground-station, buy the best your budget will allow and buy it once, even if you don't stay with the hobby quality gear always re-sells well.

    Aircraft as cheap but functional as possible as these do leave the ground and you will break it, as I used to hear when I was flying balsa-wood models "its starts as wood and ends as wood, its the fun you have during those two stages that really counts".

    Once you can fly well plan your preferred project with all the cost and bells and whistles you like as by this point you will know if you plan to stay with the hobby and what type of flying really suits your style as well as being less likely to destroy it on your maiden.


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    -build purpose built planes don't try to build one plane that will do it all
    -finding your lost plane using RSSI is better than model beeper and GPS tracker
    -you don't need a different radio to do 433 mhz, just a reciever with a PPM output
    -slow rpm motor= better efficiency and weight carrying ablilities
    -rig your car up so it can charge batteries on the road. It's a lot more fun to fly somewhere once or twice and move on than it is to fly the same flying field over and over.

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