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Thread: The Splash Drone with waterproof camera gimbal, emergency flare and payload release

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    Quote Originally Posted by SENTRY View Post
    What exactly are you saying here about paid? Before I respond I want to be very sure what you mean. We have TONS of sponsors on the site here and at the end of the day I and I alone keep LOTS of BS off this board (UUUStore ring a bell??). I'd say w/out looking at EVERY product a retailer could possibly have in their catalogue that no one vendor here has blatantly ripped off customers without me stepping in to make sure all the users get treated fairly. That's why BEVRC wasn't allowed - UUUSTORE - that's why FPVModel no longer exists - and those are just the ones that are public. I do a LOT of footwork to make sure that you can't come on here and toss products around just bc you have money for marketing. There's a LOT of things you never get to see here bc I am thinking of the operators not just sponsor $ - which as you might know doesn't affect what I can buy for dinner.

    You fell out with FPVLab in 2011 and have largely not been around since then - over the fact that you wanted me to censor comments between you and SASSEN which I would not censor you - and I would not censor him. I asked you BOTH to be respectful of each other DESPITE him being vocal about you crashing a drone in a crowded city due to trying to fly multiple drones with one controller at a time when we operators were under lots of scrutiny. I invited you here via YT a long time ago bc I enjoyed watching your videos, and I still love to see you post. If you have an issue w/ UD - then reach out to them - there is nothing wrong with that - and the questions I've seen in this thread SEEM fair although I don't know the history of this frame and how it's outfitted at all.

    As far as the annoucements I send out here - I have trust in our vendors that when they package an ad up for me it's an ad for THEM. FPVLab only sells stickers and tee-shirts and I'm even doing a horrible job at that. LOL.

    My mantra hasn't changed - I want a place for ALL of us to co-exist no matter where we live - what we fly - and no matter what experience level you guys may have. If I am failing at that PLEASE go to site suggestions section and let me know where we can improve. But to jab at FPVLab based on this isn't kool - anyone who knows me knows I try hard for you guys. Great to see you posting again here!!

    Thank you for that Sentry and sorry that people are blaming you for something that you have nothing to do with. I don't think you deserve ANY of this. I think that you already go out of your way to keep the forum this great. If there's something about this project that someone doesn't agree with, it's between that person and me, not the forums owners, moderators and members.

    About the project: This is a collaboration between Urban Drones and its partners. There is nothing being "ripped off" or copied here. We truly believe that we're bringing something new and innovative to the market. I don't think that I can find a copter out there that wasn't called a rip-off when it came out, just because it looks similar to others. I have been in the FPV community since 2007 and pretty much every new product that comes out is called a rip-off by somebody at some point. For those with concerns, I do understand your concerns, I just don't agree. I will not bash you for disagreeing with you. There are a lot of products and companies out there that I don't agree with, however, I don't bash those companies for their decisions. We just don't agree, period.

    Alex Roriguez
    Urban Drones.

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    We truly believe that we're bringing something new and innovative to the market.
    If you can convince me that this part is true, I agree to edit/delete my comment about your product.
    In what your product is innovative and new ?

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    I don't see this as being any more of a copy than the other 99% of multi-rotors out there. God forbid TWO people make a waterproof quad! How many different H-Frame quads are on the market? Each with only a slight change over the competitors? It's the nature of the business. If they can make some small adjustments and get crowd-source funding, power to them! The only problem I have is with the flare holder... Yikes. This could be done just as well with bright LED's, and then you don't have to worry about flying incendiaries.
    Brooks, N7BLD

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    my issues are slightly different to be honest HOW did i get auto signed up to this thread please??

    i live inland i dont have a pool i make my own (admittedly ugly but flies good enough for me lol) quadcopters from scratch and i pick my own threads to show interest in and subscribe to?

    why am i here?


    Thank you for supporting FPVLab!!!

    thats why!!

    now if you were to read that at the end of your email would you think it was FPVLab!!! who wanted you to spend on their kickstarter?? i sure did and no offence but when i looked at the ks page i just thought Aquaquads was rehashing one of their own original ideas that they came up with all by themselves years ago added to the plexiglass? cover that had some sort of bandaid seal so it could breathe? no need to add links as they are already here

    so when Senty says dont blame me please remember ** UNSUBSCRIBE BY EDITING YOUR USER PROFILE **

    Thank you for supporting FPVLab!!! is NOT the same as ME picking a thread that I am interested in cheers mate

    and to the ks chappy? frankly im jealous! lol if i could of reprinted a frame from 3yrs ago and turned it into $200 000+ i would be happy to disagree but not get into petty non $200 000 dollar arguments too trust me

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    No one was auto-subscribed to this thread. The newsletter is no different than others I send... simply sharing updates. You check it out... discuss if you like... if not you move on. What I'm mentioning as far as "unsubscribing" is unsubscribing from receiving email updates / announcements from administrators altogether.
    "I Like Waffles" : FPVLab on Facebook and FPVLab on Twitter

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    hope it is a lot lighter frame than my aquacopter, LOL. heavy brick pos

    But then, now you face serious competition from the Lily, which looks pretty interesting.
    another friggin lawn dart. love it

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    The lily's max altitude is 100 feet. It only flies for 20 minutes (which really means 15) and takes 2 hours to charge. It doesn't have an interchangeable battery. The camera stabilization is drone with on board software which will never be as smooth as a camera gimbal. We start shipping in lane June to mid July. The lily ships in February 2015.

    Just to pick on a few differentiators.

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