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Thread: CineTank Mk2 and the Pixhawk Pids

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    CineTank Mk2 and the Pixhawk Pids

    Don't want to autotune yet but would like to see if I can get someone's pids to get me close I'm new to APM so have no clue yet. Just need a starting point if anyone can share.


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    I wouldn't recommend using someone else's PID's. There are too many variables and you're likely to cause yourself issues.

    The default Pixhawk PID's will get you in the air. They're a little soft but you should be able to control the craft on a basic level.

    Why the aversion to autotune?

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    Tried autotune but did not work so good. It's been windy here all week. I know on the FlyingCinema website they have some apm pids but the screenshoot is so small you can't even read it.

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    hopefully the wind will die down a bit as the autotune is great. I'm new to apm/pixhawk and found it easy to setup up and autotune with good results.Id give you my pid's but its on a flip 360.

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    Ah sorry to hear Chad.. When you say it didn't work so good, what happened? The ACRO wiki page for ArduCopter has two videos on it.. Those are mine and they were flown with an earlier version of ArduCopter and that rig is one of my cinetanks. I'm actually off to run the latest Dev version of AutoTune that now tunes Yaw, so I'll try to remember to post results here after.

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