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Thread: ImmersionRC product suggestions

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    ImmersionRC product suggestions

    Hey Sassen and Swillhide,

    Can I make a request for a mini version of your products?

    1. Can we have your vTx's, OSD and EzUHF receivers made on separate 36x36mm boards with the same hole mounts as Naze32 and CC3D boards? That way we can stack them and solder our own wiring.

    2. Can you make a simple OSD integrated with the vTx board? Just the basics, time, battery voltage and RSSI. That would remove the need to have a separate OSD board.

    3. Can we just have solder pads and no plugs so we can make out mini's more compact and neater, those MASSIVE molex plugs are too big for a Mini copter. Particularly since we are jamming them with more and more stuff.

    4. Can we have them all optimised to reduce UHF noise.

    If you made this available as an option, I would certainly buy multiple pieces of them!
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    Same Here!!!!

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